Ghar Rebels

The Ghar Empire are now almost completely under the influence of the manipulative High Commander Karg. It was he who double-crossed High Commander Fartok and forced Fartok into creating a Rebel force, one which – in Fartok’s mind – was more true to the purpose of the Ghar. This force, the Ghar Rebels, consists of those made Outcast by Karg’s edicts and machinations.

The Ghar Outcast Rebel Army has to rely on what they can capture, repair or fabricate using the modest resources available to them. This has resulted in a force with a wide variety of troops and equipment, at least compared to the relatively homogenous armies of the Ghar Empire. Most significantly, it means that a rebel army is fundamentally an army of ordinary outcast infantry supported by a lesser number of machines including refurbished battle armour and captured crawler vehicles.

The rebel army is itself growing so large that Fartok has divided his forces into several smaller commands, each under the eye of a trusted rebel leader. It is not yet certain whether Fartok has established permanent planetary bases, although this seems likely. Most rebel action takes place in space, in the form of attacks upon Ghar and other convoys, and raids upon Ghar outposts, often with the express purpose of freeing slaves. The rebel fleets pose a threat not only to the ships of the Ghar Empire but to all those traversing the western Determinate.

The Ghar Outcast Rebels army is found in the Battle for Xilos supplement, so you’ll also need a copy of this book in order to play this faction. Free Online Army Lists are available from this central Nexus article.

Given the names of Fartok 12-40-13 and Nurk-27, we have an explanation of Ghar hatchery numbers and names.

Military – On the Table

The Outcast Rebels rely heavily of scavenged equipment and on weight of numbers as suits and Ghar vehicles are hard to come by and maintain away from the vast manufacturing hubs of the Empire.

There is a useful article on Ghar and Rebel weapons.


Commander in Battle ArmourBlack Guard and CommandOutcast Squad (Rebel)Rebel Weapon TeamsWeapon Team with Disruptor Cannon


Ghar Battle & Assault SquadBomber SquadCreepers Scutters


Bombardment Crawler –  Command CrawlerAttack Crawler

Not yet avalable: Dropper –


Flitters Flitter Bombs Tectorists Munitions ScutterWrecking Squad


Fartok, Leader of the Outcast RebellionFartok, Leader of Battle Group Nine, UnarmouredNurk-27

Weapon Sprues (in store)

Ghar Outcast Weapon Sprue

How do the Ghar Outcast Rebels play?

The Rebel army is primarily a ‘horde army’, relying on numerous squads of vulnerable, relatively poorly armed troops backed up by numerous weapon teams using scavenged equipment and the occasional armoured troopers. The have some surprises in store for opponents in the form of powerful, modified crawlers and creepers – vehicles comprising a meld of Algoryn and Ghar technology.

A typical army with lots of flavour of the Ghar Rebels resembles the army deal below available from May 2018.

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