Ghar Scutter Racing – Solo and Competitive

Ghar Scutter Racing – Solo and Competitive

Whilst on furlough and starved of playing time, Warlord’s Antares afficianado Tim Bancroft has been looking at various solo alternatives. One such alternative is presented here: Ghar Scutter Racing, a potentially deadly form of entertainment which is just about the only enjoyment lesser Ghar can eke from their miserable existence.  Right now, it’s a Personal Shard produced by Tim at home, so it isn’t an official release or supplement. But we thought you might like to has some fun as the solo play option has proven to be deadly – and difficult to beat!

The rules are available to download here: Scutter Racing Rules v0.8.

The intro says it all:

Scutter Racing: the biggest, boldest secret in the army of the Ghar.

As much as Karg would have it otherwise, life amongst the Ghar is not all work. Ghar have no spare time, of course, but those quiet moments in a frontier garrison or whilst waiting for another shipment can lead to boredom.

And idle hands turn to what they can find for entertainment.

Scutters are used for everything in Ghar society: goods transport,  personal transport, as assault mounts, as the basis for grabbers and even as munitions loaders.  So there are always loads of them about.  What if – when no-one’s looking, of course – what if you could race them? Gambling is prohibited, of course, and using scutters for such frivolous activity is against the code. But what’s a day’s rations and a day in the brig compared to a bit of fun?

Whether it’s between Ghar bred to be pilots to Outcasts driving their disruptor cannons, scutter races are easy to arrange and quick to cover up as vehicle ‘tests’. No, the mechanics shouting are not egging on the pilots, merely giving test advice. And the fact that one scutter blows up another is merely an accident – both had better go back to the workshop. After all, it’s perfectly normal for a select group of mechanics to work on the same scutter again. And again. And again.

Scutters on a hostile world

Scutters can be found here on the Nexus, together with Ghar Wreckers and Rebel support weapon walkers.