Ghar Tectorist Scouts

Ghar Tectorist Scouts

Helge Pallakies received some of the Tectorists a little early…

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Core Rulebook; Battle for Xilos (for Rebels)

Ghar Tectorists are a rare breed – or rather clone – raised in the Ghar cloning vats and genetically adapted to serve a single and specific purpose. As a result they feel almost no sense of self-preservation and little sense of individuality, qualities suppressed even in ordinary Ghar but practically non-existent in the case of these unique clones.

Tectorists scour the battlefield, scouting for enemy units, and using special Tector Rods to identify and ear-mark opposing units for destruction. Once targets are identified in this way, Ghar units are able to coordinate their fire more accurately. In effect, Ghar Tectorists perform role in Ghar forces that is a mix between targeters – in terms of highlighting a unit – and spotters, in that they allow a unit to gain a single shooting reroll: when a Ghar unit shoots at a target, it can re-roll one miss if there is one or more Tectorists within 15” of the target.

Ghar Tectorist Scouts are exceptional in so far as they are living creatures rather than machines; however, their role is comparable to that of other probes, so it is convenient to include them in the same category.  They are sharded, which means each acts on their own when the unit’s dice is pulled, but unlike normal probes they are scramble proof – not affected by scrambler special munitions.

Tectorist Scouts (Probe Shard) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Tectorist Scouts with Tector Rods 4 Leader, Shard, Scramble Proof

The Ghar Tectorists now differ from their entry in the original rulebook as they were subject to a Rules Amendment (the link leads the main resource page on which the latest Rules Amendment is listed).

The studio minis were given the turntable treatment, so you can take a look at them in 360-degrees…

Tectorists in store

Tectorists are useful so are not only available in individual squads but in several of the army deals – we suggest you searchave a look at the Ghar Empire or Ghar Outcast Rebel collections to see the one that takes your fancy!
Ghar Tectorist Scouts

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