Ghar Wreckers and Wrecking Crew

Ghar Wreckers & Rebel Wrecking Squad

Ghar Wrecker with Grabber

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Core Rulebook, Battle for Xilos

Similar to the scutter, the wrecker is a small crawler machine but is significantly more agile. The primary difference is that the wrecker is designed to recover valuable wreckage from the battlefield. Busy wreckers can be found scurrying about the battlefield salvaging useful pieces of armour, weapons and vehicles and separating them from the sorry remains of their (far less useful) crews.

Although the Wrecker is unarmed it carries a powerful magnetic mandible‐style Wreck grabber which it uses to lift and manoeuvre damaged and disabled vehicles. Wreckers usually avoid close combat – or at least their drivers certainly attempt to! However, when cornered a grabber is easily capable of delivering a nasty nip.

The Grabber is a fearsome looking pair of magnetic mandibles, enabling the wreckers to pick up and carry salvage from the battlefield and occasionally to put a vehicle or battlesuit back on its feet again. On the table, it can assist Ghar troopers in battle armour, Scutters and Ghar vehicles within 5″ by granting an Ag reroll, a Damage Chart reroll, a recovery test reroll and self repair (for damaged vehicles). This makes it a very useful unit!

The Ghar Rebels are short on vehicles so convert the Wrecker’s scutter-based body into weapon mounts.  Instead, they modify the grabbers so they are Ghar-portable and give them to former Ghar technicians. These techs and former engineers roam the battlefields carrying out much the same activity as the Wreckers – with the added bonus that the grabbers with which they are equipped can give a nasty nip in hand-to-hand.  Otherwise, the wrecking crews have the same effect as the Wrecker.

Wrecker (Mounted) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Wrecker with Grabber 7 7 4(10) 7 8 Crawler, Large, Scramble Proof, Plasma Reactor
Wrecking Squad (Infantry)
1 × Rebel Wrecker Squad Leader with Grabber, Mag Gun, Reflex Armour 6 5 7 4(5) 7 7 Leader, Rebel
2-4 × Rebel Wrecker with Grabber, Mag Gun, Reflex Armour 6 5 7 4(5) 7 7 Rebel

The Grabber enables the Wrecker or Wrecking Squad to aid nearby vehicles and suits crossing bad terrain, repair damage, allows for Damage Chart rerolls, and allows recovery tests to be rerolled.

Wreckers/Wrecking Squad in store

Ghar Wrecker Ghar Rebel Wrecking Squad