A heavyweight: the C3M25 in a Concord Army

Conor Hind is well-known behind the till at Warlord’s HQ shop. His eye was caught by one of the new releases, the C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone, so he decided to work out how to assemble it, magnetise it, paint it and then use it in a Concord force.  He then wrote an article for us – which is presented below!

Practical Assembly

Conor: When I opened the C3M25 box set, one of the things I wanted to test was the miniatures ease of cleaning and assembly of this mighty drone. When it came to clean the model, there was very little resin flash, at worst there was a ring of excess flash on the ring characteristic with Concord drones; this was very easy to clean away with the edge of a hobby knife and only took me a couple of minutes to clean to a satisfactory quality. As for the mould lumps they were easy to find and very few, two on the underside of the prow and one on the back-piece’s joining insert being notable examples. Again, relatively straightforward to remove with side cutters and neatened with the edge of a knife.

Conor Hind M25 assembly
The M25’s main body, tail and one wing assembled, ready for the other wing.

I cleaned and assembled piece by piece, starting with the main body, the back-suspension buoy, and the two wings being the only parts needing glue. With straightforward joins it was very easy to put together. I also put some super glue in the socket for both the main turret head and the light support weapon turret and left them to dry so that when the pieces are inserted, there is a stiffness that allows the turrets to still turn but they were not loose and wobbly. I did not glue the main gun to the turret because I wanted to explore the idea of having the available options without purchasing multiple tanks much like the M25s smaller cousin the M4.

Conor Hind Magnetising turret's 1
Conor’s first approach to magnetising the M25’s bombards to the main turret

With that in mind, the immediate challenge was that the turret pieces were weighty metal parts and the turret wasn’t immediately designed to hold the gun in place without support from glue, so I looked at magnetising both the bombards. I began with a single 4x1mm magnet in the centre of mass for both guns which was before the gun barrel and a smaller 2x1mm magnet in the resin turret towards the edge of where the gun would sit normally. I drilled the 2×1 into the resin with my pin vice and the hole was wide enough to fit the magnet in without need of glue but the usual difficulties of getting the right poles meant I had to be careful before committing.

Conor Hind's M25 plasma bombard slipping with one magnet
The M25’s plasma bombard proved too heavy for the single magnet placement

The single magnet would prove to be enough for the compression bombard to hold it in place with relative comfort, but it was not enough for the larger plasma bombard piece which was too heavy for the single magnet to hold. Instead, I decided to glue a second magnet on flatter slanted part of the gun and insert another magnet into the raised angular part of the turret. I did it to both Bombard pieces and this proved to be strong enough to hold both pieces in place, but it would fall out when turned which was a bit of a shame: next time I might use a larger more powerful magnet on the turret (and I’d probably want a more appropriately sized drill bit to have any success).

Conor Hind's M25 magnetising solution
A more secure approach to magnetising the turret weapons – two magnets!

Conor’s M25 based Concord list

After assembling and painting the M25 in the colours of my strike regiment there was one final challenge: what was the lowest points value game that I could squeeze my M25 into and still make an effective army? I decided to look to the Drone Army selector from the Chryseis Shard supplement and I found that the lowest points I could squeeze it into was 1250 points. With my limits in mind I of course made the M25 my centrepiece but with plenty of drone support, so the list I wrote looked like that below.

Combat Level Unit/Upgrades Points Total
Tactical Concord Drone Commander 51pts
2 Shield Drones @ 10pts each 20pts, Nano Probe Net 30pts
Nano Probe Net (30)
2 Nano probes @5pts each 10pts
Support (minimum 5) C3D1 Light Support Drone 59pts
Spotter Drone 10pts, 1 Light Support Drone 59pts
C3D2 Medium Support Drone 83pts
Plasma Cannon 5pts, Spotter Drone 10pts, Batter Drone 20pts
C3D2 Medium Support Drone 83pts
Plasma Cannon 5pts, Spotter Drone 10pts, Batter Drone 20pts
C3D2 Medium Support Drone 83pts
Compression Cannon 10pts, Spotter Drone 10pts, Batter Drone 20pts
C3D2 Medium Support Drone 83pts
Fractal Cannon 10pts, Spotter Drone 10pts, Batter Drone 20pts
Strategic C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone 418pts
Compression Bombard 25pts, 2 Batter Drones @20pts 40pts, Shield drone 10pts, Self-Repair 10pts
Auxiliary Targeter Probes 20pts
1 Probes@5pts each 5pts
Army Total 1249pts

Thoughts on the list

The core element of the force are the tougher C3D2 Medium Drones and plenty of batter drones. The force is designed to be somewhat flexible with weapons to deal with most targets, but it is probably more effective against other drone forces or similar more support-based forces, but it wouldn’t be impossible for it to face more conventional forces.

The insanely high Resistance of the M25 and its twin batters is the backbone of the army, though at 1250 points an opponent is more likely to take higher strike value weapons, SV5 or higher. Luckily, many of these weapons will not be as mobile and at resistance stat of 15, the M25 will be hard as nails to remove and, combined with MOD3, it will be able to target multiple units or focus down one unit with its plasma light support and compression bombard. Even if one of those dice are taken away there is still plenty of action in the drone to make it a negligible issue.

Conor Hind's Concord C3M25
The backbone of the drone force: the Concord C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone with compression bombard

The C3D1s are the ‘glass hammer’, anti-infantry weapons, with no batter drones of their own and the lowest res value in the force; they’re better off moving from hard cover to hard cover providing suppressing fire on enemy infantry as, with a high strike value of 3, they are likely to cause a couple of casualties every time they fire.

Conor Hind's Concord C3D1 'Glass Hammers'
The Concord C3D1 ‘Glass Hammers’ – useful with plasma light support

The C3D2 Medium Support Drones are intended for larger targets like support teams or heavier targets like heavy infantry or battle suits. The high strike value of the plasma cannons means they can deal with most foes. The compression cannon equipped drone is a mobile tank hunter, dealing with all but the heaviest armour with ease, especially at close ranges. Finally, the Fractal weapon will allow you to deal with entrenched teams or infantry, with the increasing strike value for each round the weapon hits it makes it the perfect ‘sniper’ for taking out weapons teams or potentially even taking down buildings. These drones with their high res of 10, accuracy of 6 and Batter Drones will be a tough nut to deal with, but the drone damage table can make them a bit glassy. It would not hurt to consider sitting the longer ranged plasma cannons in a ruin or building to make them bitterly tough!

C3D2s in Conor Hinds Concord army
The Concord C3D2 drones form a solid core in Conor’s Concord Drone force

Finally, to wrap up the tactics we will look the probes available: targeter probes will provide the obvious accuracy bonus needed to make the already accurate drones that little deadlier! The drone commander with his nano probes provides the force with a high command bonus so long as the commander is hidden behind the larger drones or terrain and the probes are close enough to maintain their network.

Conor Hind's Concord
The majority of Conor’s blue-scheme Concord drone force

Whilst not a heavily competitive force at 1250 points, my hope is that it will give any opponent food for thought and the M25 a really hard nail to deal with. Given tactics and luck, I reckon I’ll have a great time and maybe even a win!