Hound Probes

Hound Probe Shard

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Antares Rulebook

Hound probes are used by the Freeborn to keep Feral troops in order, whether or not the troops are equipped with soma grafts.  They make use of cranial implants and nanoneurosurgery to manipulate the human mind and make the troops more controllable and suggestive to their masters’ commands. Effectively, the probes act as watchers on the Feral’s activity. The problem is that troops subjected to this kind of surgery can show signs of long‐term psychological damage.

Hound probe and soma graft technology is abhorrent to the societies of the Concord and Isori as well as to most of civilised space. Even amongst the Freeborn it is
rarely used openly.

In game terms, Hound probes grant command rerolls to nearby Ferals or soma graft equipped squads,  effectively making them more resilient.

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Freeborn Hound Probe Shard