Hükk Bounty Hunter

Hükk Bounty Hunter, Mercenary

Combat Level: Tactical (Mercenary for Hire)

Where: Nexus release Special!

Hükk is a planet and system that reconnected in the Seventh Age in the sparsely populated, southerly area of the Determinate. It is home to a species who evolved from lone, carnivorous hunters, territorial creatures normally intolerant of others of their kind. The species take their name from the planet: the Hükk (pronounced ‘Heur-ck’ with a heavy ‘ck’)

The Hükk are intelligent, have a sparse and narrowly focused language but almost so social cohesion or culture. When their world was discovered by human explorers in the remote past, the Hükk recognised the value of human artefacts and material culture – especially weaponry – but never felt any inclination to learn how to understand or make it. They simply took what they found and adapted it to their own purposes.

Hükk are concerned with individual status, expressed through their ability to establish, maintain and hunt in a personal territory. Since moving into the wider galaxy, territory has changed from being a literal statement of possession to embrace influence and status within Hükk and other panhuman cultures. Whilst others might regard this as merely reputation, to a Hükk this is hürakh, an integral sense of self-worth and status, one expressed in a way that other Hükk recognise and respect. Where once they hunted in the forests and mountains of their homeworld, now they hunt throughout Antarean space – for what greater territory could there be!  The Hükk have become renowned bounty hunters, sought after by those who require their very special services: those who define themselves through their success in the hunt.

Hükk Bounty Hunter

Hükk have no sense of humour in the sense humans would understand. They have little empathy with other creatures, relating practically everything they encounter into their own terms. They understand that other species and panhumans think differently and have different values, but they privately consider such things to be childish or insane, the typical attitude of ‘herd-creatures’.

To outsiders, Hükk appear amoral and without remorse or pity, but they never lie or seek to deceive, merely refuse to reveal information given in confidence. Such deception implies weakness and to even imply such deception is deeply insulting. The drive to maintain and enhance hürakh acts in a way we could understand as honour: a Hükk would never decline a job unless he or she felt it unworthy of them – and they would be insulted to be offered and unworthy hunt in the first place! Once the hunt begins they are utterly focussed upon the task, prepared to spend the rest of their lives in pursuit of their target if necessary. Failure means a devastatingly shameful loss of hürakh, a weakness other Hükk will take as a sign to encroach upon their territory.

A Hükk rarely kills in anger, indeed, they rarely become angry at all, but they feel insults deeply and would regard it as legitimate to kill someone who had offended them – especially another Hükk. They defend themselves if attacked or threatened and think nothing of killing those who get in the way of them achieving their goal. However, they are bright enough to know when to swallow their pride when dealing with humans: they are but foolish, feeble hunters who know nothing of hürakh and what it is to be Hükk.

Bounty Hunter Weapons

Hükk bounty hunters buy weapons from Freeborn traders and will usually pay to have weapons rebuilt or modified to suit themselves. They are not overly motivated by material riches, but need resources to buy equipment and fund their hunting. They tend to favour magnetic or X- weaponry because it is reliable and within their ability to maintain or repair.

The typical main armament is a modified or customised mag gun, modified with sights and accessories that enable the Hükk to take down a target from range. To this is often added a heavily modified X-sling that can take specialist grenades. However, a Bounty Hunter is not an assassin, and in most case a job is only completed once a target has been recovered and brought to a client. That usually means putting down the target at close range and immobilising them so they can be carried away.  A mag pistol is always be carried as a back-up.

Hükk use as much equipment as they think necessary such as tracking devices, tracking drones, emplaced passive sensor modules as well as more primitive cuffs and shackles that advanced technology cannot ‘trick’ into releasing the target. When active and in the field – and certainly when fighting amongst a group of others – much of their equipment will have been hidden or left behind in storage. However, such devices can make for interesting hunting scenarios!

Hunting Beasts

Hükk bounty hunters often make use of pack hunting creatures, as did their ancestors, much as humans may keep hounds. In most cases these creatures are controlled by some kind of neural implant – depending very much on the creature. Whilst lavan creatures are occasionally used on kill missions, the creatures we have here are specially-bred and tailored angkriz, a genetically modified development of ferocious pack hunters who were spread around the Antarean Nexus during one of the many diaspora.

Mercenaries for Hire: The Hükk Bounty Hunter may be hired as a Mercenary substituting for a non-Command Tactical unit from the Mercenaries For Hire list in any faction bar the Virai. Hiring a Mercenary does not remove the need for any other limitations. Being very territorial, only a single Hükk can be hired by any army. Refer to the Mercenaries for Hire rules here.

You can download the complete rules for the Hükk here.

Cost: 122pts

Hükk Bounty Hunter with Hunting Beasts (Tactical, Mixed Infantry & Beast) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Hükk with customised mag gun, reflex armour,  mag pistol 6 6 7 7(8) 8 9 Leader 2, Wound 2, Subdue
3 × Enhanced War Angkriz 6 7 8 6 6 2 Attacks SV2, Subdue
Lavamites (replacing all angkriz) 4 7 7 8 6 5 3 Attacks SV2, Lava Spit
  • Add 1-2 Enhanced Angkriz @ 16pts each
  • Give Hükk lectro lash @ 3 pts
  • Equip customised mag gun with X-sub launcher and SlingNet munition @ 10 pts
  • Give X-sub launcher Overload munition @ 5pts
  • Give X-sub launcher Grip, Blur or Arc microgrenades @ 5 pts each
  • Replace Hunting Angkriz with Lavamites @ 2pts each
  • Include Medi-Drone in unit @ 20pts
  • Include up to 2 Shield Drones unit @ 10pts each
  • Include a Spotter Drone in unit @ 10pts

Attacks and Lavamites are as described in the Antares rulebook. Wound is another common attribute: instead of falling casualty, the character takes a Wound and can sustain up to this number of Wounds without being removed. However, whilst wounded, they cannot remove the last few pins equal to their current number of wounds.
Subdue: The Hükk’s mag pistol and mag gun are modified to shoot a variety of ammunition, including a tranquiliser and a micro-net shell that can put the target into a temporary stasis.  Further, the war angkriz are trained to wound and incapacitate a specific target rather than kill it. If a character or command figure is killed by a model with Subdue, either in close combat or at range, it can be declared incapacitated and unconscious rather than killed. Replace the model with a suitable marker. At the end of its move or after winning an assault, the incapacitated target can be picked up by a weapon drone or infantry unit in contact and carried. The rescuers (or captors!) cannot sprint whilst carrying the unconscious figure but can take other orders as normal. This is designed for scenarios where ‘capturing’ is a critical objective.
Customised Mag Gun: A Hükk’s mag gun is highly customised with additional sights. This gives +1 to the Hükk’s Acc when using such a weapon but no other. Further, the Hükk’s focus and skill with its weapon is such that it has a preternatural ability to take out its target. If the customised mag gun fails to achieve a Lucky Hit but otherwise hits, the Hükk can treat one hit as a Lucky Hit: turn the dice over to show a ‘1’. As each mag gun is customised to its user, these bonuses do to accrue to anyone else using them but amongst some criminal cultures they make much-desired trophies!


Hükk Bounty Hunters have been known to have customised variants of the underslung X-sling constructed for them by their specialist, underground, weaponsmiths. The main purpose of the adaptations is to boost the power to launch customised, X-launcher special munitions. Nonetheless, in direct fire mode the X-sub launcher acts much like an X-sling and can take normal Overload and SlingNet munitions.

The special munitions are in the form of microgrenades that act as normal Grip, Blur or Arc munition. Unfortunately, due to the weight of the shot, the difficulties in producing a balanced, complex payload, and the complicated adaptations conflicting with the need for relatively easy maintenance, the overhead munitions have a tendency to tumble. Despite this, the Hükk find them invaluable for capturing prey or making good their escape.

Hand Weapon Effv Long Extr SV Special
X-sublauncher: Direct Fire 10 20 0 Blast D3, Special Munitions
X-sublauncher: Overhead Fire 5-10 20 0 Blast D3, OH, No Cover, Microgrenades, Inaccurate

Special Munitions, Blast D3, Overhead and No Cover are all as described in the Antares rulebook and as for the standard X-Sling (p.68). When shooting overhead, an OH blast template is used as normal, the launcher has a minimum range of 5″ and is Inaccurate, incurring a -1 Acc penalty on top of the normal, -2 for overhead!).
Microgrenades If provided for in the army list, the X-sublauncher can fire custom built Grip, Blur or Arc special munitions (Antares Rulebook pp. 87-89).

Useful on the Nexus

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The Hükk can be bought in a boxed set with three war angkriz, or as an outfit with all five angkriz and key drones. The Angkriz and drones can also be bought separately. Lavamites can also be bought separately to replace the angkriz should it be required!

Hükk Bounty Hunter Outfit

Hükk Bounty Hunter and Hunting Angkriz

Bounty Hunter Drones and Angkriz
Boromite Lavamite C

Single Lavamite B

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