Inaugural Painting Competition – Results


The inaugural Beyond the Gates of Antares painting competition has come to a close – and we’ve had some superb entries! As the figures were examined, there was a near-constant wave of cooing and “WOW!”ing from the Warlord web office, as the entries have poured in. For posterity’s sake, we’ve gathered together a few of the entries here and we should reveal the winners…

Chris Carr – Algoryn Avenger

A very clean painting scheme with nice basing which looks greaat on the table.

Chris Carr

Erik Werth – Algoryn Commander

A rather moody Algoryn Commander

Erik Werth2

Georg Malter – Algoryn MLS

Georg’s Algoryn Mag Light Support weapon is a really clean and bright finish,  with colour-matched basing that stands out.

Georg Malter

Hugo von Veenstra – C3M4 with fractal cannon

Hugo van Veenstra

Lizzie Stephens – Lance Trooper

Lizzie Stephens

Paul Shipman – Isorian SniperPaul Shipman1

Steve Majer – Kamrana Josen

Steve Majer

Honourable Mentions

Having consulted some of the Warlord design studio staff, including the likes of Andres and Darek – two of our studio painters, we had to throw in a few honorable mentions into the mix…

Warlord forumite ‘Johnson89’

There were several aspects which we particularly liked about Johnson’s Josen – the weathering and chipping really stand-out, adding realism and grittiness to the figure. That – combined with the detailing on his face really bring the model to life – Bravo!

Tim Bancroft

Tim Bancroft

Tim took a standard plastic Ghar Battle Suit, and got a little creative – converting both weapon arms, adding a scenic base, and converting all three legs to personalise its pose before adding a banner pole and a killer paint job to bring his commander to life!

Martin Grandbarbe

Martin Grandbarbe

The Final Few

Warlord forumite ‘Spellscape’ – Amano Harran


There are many things which we love about Spellscape’s rendition of Amano Harran – from the highlighting across his armour, to the freehand details upon his cloak…. there’s a lot to love here, and this model came a close third – missing out by the smallest of fractions.

Mateus Carneiro

Mateus Carneiro

We had a number of larger model entries in the competition – a handful of C3M4s, skimmers, and a few Ghar Command Crawlers – including this fine example from Mateus. We particularly liked the contrast between the relatively plain metallic panel work, and the (excellently executed!) green source lighting – which give this walker a real other-worldly feel.

Warlord forumite ‘Gorka’ – C3T7 Transport


Speaking of larger models – Gorka offered this C3T7 transporter in a striking purple-and-white scheme. The contrast between the two base colours really make the model pop… and the inclusion of additional markings and linework push this model above the norm.

Steve Beckett – Boromite Ganger

Steve Beckett

Steve’s Boromite fighter stood out from the crowd due to the level of work required to give the skin texture quite such definition – clearly a considerable amount of time was spent highlighting each bump…

The Winners!

On to the winners!

We’d intended for there to be one overall winner for the contest – however, the level of entries was so high that we couldn’t pick a single winner… and we landed upon two – so, without further ado…

Sylann Reward – Boromite Matriarch

Matriarch Sylann


We particularly liked Sylann’s Boromite Matriarch because of the subtlety of the paint work – the evenness of the highlighting meant that the overall composition of the model sat almost perfectly in line with our own studio colour schemes.

Chase Murphy – Tar Es Janar

Chase Murphy Algoryn1

Chase has once again massively impressed all here at Warlord HQ. Hot on the heels of his win at this year’s Warlord Games Day over in Oklahoma with his Concord NuHu, he has followed-up with Tar Es Janar – again displaying incredible skill.

From the scratch-built flowers on the base, through to the freehanded details added to the cloak – we’ve spent an awful lot of time pouring-over this model for our own painting inspiration, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to gawk at!

Chase Murphy2

A huge, huge ‘Thank-you’ to all who entered.