Incoming: Isorian vehicles

Incoming: Isorian Vehicles!

The design renders of the core Isorian vehicles have been available for a while, both for the Mahran Vesh combat drone and the Tograh transport. Paul Sawyer and John Stallard mentioned that we’d be having more vehicles this year, so it’s no surprise we’ve just received news that their release is not too far away!

Nexus Editor Tim managed to sneak a few images from the studio… and was absolutely stunned by what he saw. The organic feel and sheer strangeness of the Isorian aesthetic has been captured perfectly and will be a welcome addition to any Isorian force.

MV5 Mahran Vesh Combat Drone

The primary combat drone of the Isorians, the completely autonomous Mahran Vesh is tough (Res 13), fast (MOD2) and deadly at Acc 6 with a pair of light support weapons. It can even be upgraded to take the Isorian phase shift armour for more protection.  The normal load-out is the SV6 plasma cannon – a very good anti-vehicle weapon – and the RF3 SV 3 plasma light support, arguably the best general-purpose light support weapon in the game! Rumours have it that the Mahran Vesh comes with two optional turrets for the high-powered compression cannon and the anti-building fractal cannon. (SV = Strike Value/penetration; RF = Rapid Fire/number of shots per activation)

Mahran Vesh MV5 Combat Drone side
Mahran Vesh MV5 Combat Drone side view

The MV5 on the Table

Whilst the Isorians have heavy troops in the shape of the Tsan Ra, and highly mobile troops in the shape of their Pulse bikes, the MV5 offers a stable, well-protected and potentially rapid moving firing platform for hitting major targets and for shielding other units.  Many players run the combat drones alongside regular troops, using the infantry to protect the drones from other infantry and using the combat drone to take out smaller enemy drones and similar heavy vehicles!

Isorian Mahran Vesh MV5 Combat Drone top
Mahran Vesh MV5 Combat Drone top view

MV2 Tograh Transport Drone

The MV2 Tograh is the main combat transport of the Senatex, able to shelter up to 10 troops (in tight seating!) and their equipment in its on-board compactors. Like the Concord equivalent, the T7, the MV2 comes in multiple versions, from Res 11 to 13 (with phase shift armour), and with basic and enhanced Machine Intelligence. Whilst some are unarmed, others can be equipped with a targeting sensor turret or even the flexible plasma light support seen on the MV5.

Isorian Tograh MV2 transport drone
Isorian Tograh MV2 transport drone

The MV2 on the Table

The MV2 can be used as a support option along with other infantry squads, and it excels in delivering such infantry into difficult areas whilst protecting them: even the ‘light’ version is Heavily Armoured. An effective tactic is to put a squad of infantry and a NuHu in the vehicle, rapidly advance, then deliver the protecting squad and its NuHu whilst using the highly effective plasma light support weapon to lay down protective fire whilst they get on with the job of securing objectives – or harassing enemy vehicles!

Isorian Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone box
Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone box