NuHu Mandarin Jai Galeyous

Concord Combined Command Intelligence NuHu Mandarin Jai Galeyous

Jai Galeyous and Vyess Intelligence bodyguard
Jai Galeyous and Vyess Intelligence bodyguard

NuHu Jai Galeyous comes with two panhuman bodyguard in the form of the highly analytical Vyess Intelligence Operatives.

Combat Level: Tactical (as C3 Strike Command Squad or as NuHu Mandarin)

Where: The Dronescourge Returns, p.106

Jai Galeyous’s special concern within the Concord Intelligence Service is that of hostile nanospheres and nanophage infestations and anything that can destroy them: anything that threatens nanospore is of great interest to the IMTel. She was involved in the preliminary investigations around the locus on Chryseis III, even going to the extent of warning Prince Batu Delhren of the danger. Since then, she has been keeping a close watch on the Isorian Interface and Determinate for similar disturbances and anything that might be a result of the Xilos rift – and the return of the Dronescourge is directly within the realm of her responsibility..

Jai’s focus on research makes her a highly effective analyst in her area – though she possibly lacks interest, contacts and awareness in unrelated areas. Though, like many senior NuHu, she is an arch-manipulator of panhumans, in many ways she is a friend to the Freeborn Houses of the Determinate, if nothing else because she needs their intelligence and wishes to preserve a stable balance of power. Her loyalty to the PanHuman Concord and its IMTel is never in doubt.

Jai Galeyous is cautious, but extraordinarily intelligent, even for a NuHu. Having studied the Chryseis Locus and the Shamasai Shard, she is aware of just how vulnerable she is in a front line role against nanospheres that can easily destroy her protective nano-drone. This has made her very wary of relying just on her gun drones, often preferring to be accompanied by a bodyguard of well-armed intelligence agents instead – the Vyess.

 Vyess Intelligence Operatives

The Vyess are a panhuman morph who made their first appearance early during the Xon Times on university and research worlds. The NuHu rulers of the Xon Empire encouraged the development of specialised mental processes amongst their subjects. One such breeding programme emphasised enhanced pattern analysis aiming to produce intuits who could extrapolate possible tendencies from nebulous data – an early, non-machine form of the IMTel, perhaps.

From this programme came the Vyess, a people who did not quite match up to the full potential of the NuHu hopes, but to whom the complexities of human society and interactions were easily understood. Where others might see a series of random actions and reactions, the Vyess could see motivations, personal drives and objectives. Whilst this is not the machine-like intuits the NuHu hoped for, it did make them incredibly useful in strategic and intelligence analysis.

Like other panhuman races, the Vyess were dispersed across Antarean space with the collapsing and re-arranging of the gates. Their skills in analysis and intelligence work are appreciated across all panhuman factions and they are often to be found in Concord and Senatex military intelligence units. Jai Galeyous values them as bodyguard not just because of their capabilities as other well-trained C3 strike troopers, but because of their analytic capabilities whilst in the field.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Intelligence Mandarin Jai Galeyous with plasma pistol, IMTel Stave, HL armour [with Nano Drone] 5 6 4 4(7) 9 10 Command, Hero, Follow, Leader 3, Wound, Thorough Intel
0-3 Vyess Intelligence Operatives with plasma carbine and underslung X-sling, HL armour [optional slingnet ammo] 5 6 5 5(7) 7 8 n/a

Thorough Intel is a trait applicable to Jai Galeyous and similar IMTel-infused individuals. Such a characteristic enables her to gain insights into weak points in her opponents’ defenses and achieve a lucky shot more often. Other traits of NuHu can be found in the NuHu User’s Guide. Standard and hand weapons such as plasma pistols and plasma carbines can be found in the article Weapons of the Concord Combined Command.

Like other NuHu, Jai Galeyous has access a swarm of buddy drones to provide additional protection.

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