Interstellar travel in Antares

Following demand, Tim Bancroft put together some background on the details of interstellar travel through the Antares Nexus. These were collated into three articles, all of which are collected below.

In general, it can take a few days to travel to and from the Antares Gate in a system. In our our system, the gate would be around 40AU distance (just about outside Pluto), but for dimmer stars, the Gate Horizon is much, much closer and for brighter stars, further away – so the system-side journey takes longer.  Despite the Antares machine, travel between the stars is still a lengthy, and sometimes dangerous, process: travel within the gate can take anything from hours to weeks or even months (though fixed for each gate), and then travel over the Antarean surface to the destination gate can take hours or days – with an elapsed time over 10 times longer in the real world than the traveller experiences!

  • Part 1 deals in the basics of gate travel following a Concord citizen, Dorun, on his first interstellar journey: a trip aboard the liner, The Holiday of a Lifetime
  • Part 2 deals with a few more details and specifics of the perils of gate travel for a Concord scout after Dorun hires on to the Concord scouting and exploration corps.
  • Part 3 outlines typical ships of each faction and shows the size and scale of some of the ships in the Antares universe, some of which make an appearance in the anthologies and short storeis: Too many stars to count.