Isorian Drone Commander Xan Tu

We first encountered the Isorian Drone Commander Xan Tu when he entering the fray on Xilos via the Isorian’s chronophasic transport.

Isorian Commander Xan Tu
Isorian Commander Xan Tu

In a previous and entirely organic existence, Xan Tu was a successful commander of Senatex forces whose career spanned almost two centuries and warzones from the Northern Spill to the Vorl frontiers in the Deep South. Reaching what was a natural end to a long and active life Xan Tu elected to live on in machine form – transitioning his mind into a drone body.

Transitioning as a drone was for Xan Tu a logical choice – for it would allow him to do what he had always done – to continue to lead Senatex forces wherever they were needed. As a machine he would lose much of his human personality, but his mind would gain so much more by direct association with the IMTel.

The promise of machine existence was as close to immortality as it was possible to get. Xan Tu understood that the machine which he would become would evolve ever further from the person he had once been, but that did not seem such a terrible thing. It was, he considered, certainly no worse than the perpetual erosion of purpose and disillusionment of mere human existence.

Drone Commander Xan Tu is the first drone commander introduced into the Antares game and as a transitioned human his qualities are perhaps a little different from those of a pure machine intellect. He is a weapon drone type unit as well as a command unit, and can include further Nhamak type drones too.

Xan Tu works out relatively cheaply compared to a regular Command Squad and this is largely down to the fact he is unarmed, while his nano probe net ability is an upgrade.

Xan Tu as a unit

Xan Tu can not only be deployed on his own, but also as part of a  drone unit, complete with a separate, nano probe net shard. He can be accompanied by two Nhamak drones with plasma light support weapons and a cloud of buddy drones including spotter, batter, shield and a synchroniser drone.

The probe shard essentially extends Xan Tu’s Command radius to any units within 10″ of an active probe net (full rules on page 117 in the supplement ‘Battle for Xilos‘).

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