Isorian Phase Sniper

Isorian Phase Sniper

James Wappel’s Phase Sniper

Combat Level: Support

Where: Core Rulebook

The Phase Sniper is a potent and deadly addition to the ranks of the Isorian Senatex, in the minds of many a must-have unit for all Isorian forces.The sniper is a highly capable individual, trained to a high standard, and is given the option to take a spotter and camouflage drone as well as a shield drone. When these are coupled with the phase armour’s ability to phase out of reality (go Down, in game terms), the sniper becomes a very difficult target to hit.

In a universe of strange and advanced weaponry, the phase rifle with which the sniper is armed is one of the strangest. The phase rifle is large, and mounted on its own suspensor bed, and has a superb range for a standard weapon. It exists in a form of symbiosis with its operator, the two merging to become a single entity that allows for excellent accuracy and is a requirement for its most strange attribute: the ability to use the phase-shift technology to fold into time. This effectively enables the Sniper-Phaser Rifle pair to shoot multiple times at the same moment and for focusing fire in a small area.

Bill Tegeler’s Oxyo Isorians

Key to the sniper’s success is to use their abilities well. The  ‘Sniper’ rule allows the unit to set up anywhere in its own table half – which means finding cover at the start of the game is almost guaranteed. The key to the sniper’s success is to equip it with a camo drone and give it the first dice from the bag. With the first dice, either give the unit a Fire order or ambush order (if nothing is in view) and react as soon as an enemy moves into line of sight. Once the sniper has acted, their dice can be turned Down whenever they are shot at (and they will be – they are feared!) and if the opponent is more than 10″ away the sniper becomes impossible to see due to the camo-field projected by the drone.

Of course, if the enemy is so close they are within that 10″, it’s time for the single sniper to run away!

The sniper can be upgraded to leader or Leader 2 to make it more resilient, and can also be given an additional spotter drone. This can sometimes be a good idea against Ghar disruptor bombs as the Ghar tend to strip away annoying buddy drones very quickly!

Isorian Phase Sniper (Infantry, Support) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Phase Sniper with plasma pistol, phase rifle, phase armour 5 8 (!) 5 5(7) 7 8 One only, Sniper
Phase Rifle schematic

Painting and Community

Matt Schreiber of ‘Rocky’s War Room’ has a video showing what’s in the pack and how to assemble the phase sniper (off-site!) Zac Beldan has a series on building and painting the Isorians and including an article on the phase sniper.

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