Takhan SV21 Pulse Bikes

Pulse Bikes and Command

Isorian Pulse BikesCombat Level: Tactical

Where: Battle for Xilos, p.76

The Isorian SV21 Takhan Pulse Bike is the Senatex equivalent of the Concord ST500 Interceptor, designed to fulfil similar roles and with comparable capability. The bike is a fully-sentient drone forming part of a combat shard, usually comprising three machines together with their riders and associated buddy drones.

Like the Interceptors, the Takhan are all about speed rather than firepower, being lightly armed but exceptionally fast and manoeuvrable. This means that they must avoid becoming entangled in close action, using hit-and-run tactics against stronger forces. The main role is to act as scouts in situations where normal nano-connectivity is non-functional or compromised.

Offensively, the bikes are fitted with dual plasma carbines which can be upgraded to a plasma lance. Defenses comprise a composite skin and phase armour. An internal hyperlight booster creates an ultra-high energy hyperlight envelope for rider and machine. Suspensors provide buoyancy and low-speed motive propulsion while higher speeds are attained with the assistance of synchronised pulse motors. The squad can also be equipped with compactor drones and a compacted plasma cannon to act as a forward deployed, anti-combat drone unit – or to tuck away another weapon drone to rapidly deploy a flanking threat!

The main difference between the Takhan and the Interceptors is in  usage: the Isorians regard the pulse bikes as tactical units. When coupled with ordinary phase squads and the threat of the heavy Tsan Ra, they add a significant twist to the Isorian tactical flexibility. This means that the Isorians are one of the very few armies to have rapidly-deployable plasma cannon at the tacticla level – unlike the Concord, the Senatex has no need for a dedicated Rapid Reaction Force as it has the potential for one already!

Takhan Pulse Bikes (Mount) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Pulse Bike Commander with plasma carbine, phase armour, Pulse Bike with HL booster, twin plasma carbines 5 5 5 5(8) 7 9 Command, Follow, Leader 2, Fast, Large
Pulse Bike Leader with plasma carbine, phase armour, Pulse Bike with HL booster, twin plasma carbines 5 5 5 5(8) 7 8 Leader, Fast, Large
Pulse Bike Trooper with plasma carbine, phase armour, Pulse Bike with HL booster, twin plasma carbines 5 5 5 5(8) 7 8 Fast, Large

Leader, Fast, Large, Command and Follow are all in the core rulebook. The bikes can be upgraded with lances (as in the images from the Command team below).

Isorian Pulse Bike Command Trooper
Command squad trooper details

Isorian Pulse Bike Commander
Command squad commander detail

In store

The pulse bike squad and pulse bike command are available below, and are also available as part of a Fast Strike formation


502416002 Isorian Pulse Bike Squad Box 502416003 Isorian Pulse Bike Command