Jez Allum’s Concord

A little more eye-candy – in the form of Jez Allum’s Concord force

Jez Concord (1)

Jez’s Concord featured in our recent celebration of the C3M4 Combat Drone’s launch – where we held a (roughly) 12,000pt game of Antares at Warlord owner, John Stallard’s house – with no less than 11 C3M4s in play, and over 300 activations undertaken throughout the day!

Jez Algoryn in-game (1)

Speaking of C3M4s – Jez’s red drone is a fantastic example…

Jez Allum C3M4 (1)

Jez Allum C3M4 (2)

To see more of Jez’s work, head on over to the external Jez’s Painting Blog or take a look at other articles showcasing his work: his glowing Isorians, his Freeborn Domari, and a Battle Report in which he faces the ferocious forces of Andy Singleton!