K’Hwii Zero-G Skimmer Mercenaries

K’Hwii Zero-G Skimmer Mercenaries

Personal ShardsJohn Davenport designed the following as Mercenaries-for-Hire for the Mercenary Unit Invitation, but asked they be made available for everyone to see and use as a Personal Shard. We’ll leave it to John to explain…

The K’Hwii are a bird like people from an ancient, nomadic society who now use their flight instincts to pilot light skimmers. They now have little use for planets, preferring to dwell in their immense colony ships with vast, zero-gravity internal spaces for flight and living, their quarters to either side. They tend to look down on ground walking races (literally) – dirthuggers. The K’Hwii move from system to system, nomadically havesting the resorces they need before moving on. Consequently they have interacted more with the Boromites and the Freeborn than any other faction.

The K’Hwii (pronounced Kuh Hwee, alternate form K!Hwii) were an ancient race long before humanity discovered the Gates of Antares. If they ever had a home world it is long forgotten as their most ancient legends stretch back way before PanHumanity’s first age and tell only of a spacefaring people.

While most K’Hwii never bother descending down into the gravity well of a planet, small groups will occationally hire out their services as mercenaries to the lowly, dirt-crawling races. They join battle with light, fast moving Cii’Kaa’Oo skimmers, their natural flight instincts making them excellent pilots.

They will work for most factions, seen most often fighting for Freeborn, Boromites or Concord. They seem happy to fight along side Tsan Ra, perhaps suggesting a previous relationship between the two races. Sadly, the new Tsan Ra were raised entirly within the IMTel, and have no idea what this relationship might have been. K’Hwii are reluctant to fight along side Ghar, but will when necessary.

The one faction they will never join is the Virai Dronescourge and they are known to oppose these automatons with particular zeal. Concord historians believe the K’Hwii must have encountered the threat of self replicating machines in the past, possibly many times, and are well aware of the devastation they can cause.

K’Hwii Combat Wing as drones (Support, 74pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1–3 K’Hwii Fighter as Weapon Drone with plasma light support 7 5 1 10 8 7 Large, Weapon Drone, Fast, Self Repair, Suspensored
Spotter Buddy Drone (optional +10 pts) (Spotter reroll, Patch Sighting)

John also supplied an alternative interpretation as a mounted unit.

K’Hwii Combat Wing as Mounted (Support, 66pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1–3 K’Hwii mounted on flyer armed with plasma light support 7 5 3 3(10) 8 7 Large, Mounted, Fast, Suspensored
Spotter Buddy Drone (optional +10 pts) (Spotter reroll, Patch Sighting)
Medi Buddy Drone (optional +20pts) (Res Reroll – K’Hwii only)

Large, Weapon Drone, Mounted, Fast, Self Repair, Suspensored are as in the rulebook and supplements.

Dismounted K’Hwii have Ag 6, Acc 5, Str 3, Res 3, Init 8 and Co 7. They are also Slow.