Mateus Carneiro’s Antares Forces

We’re regularly bowled-over by the level of craftsmanship displayed by the Antares community, especially with the creativity used on the models in the range. We’re also seeing larger armies come to the fray, one which struck us in August 2016 being Mateus Carneiro, of the ‘My Ever-Growing Armies’ blog

Mateus has been collecting Antares forces since the early days – and has no less than FIVE impressive, fully-painted armies…


Assault Squad
Carneiro Algoryn Assault Squad Rear
Assault Squad (Rear view)
Carneiro Algoryn Intruder Skimmers
Intruder Skimmers


Carneiro Boromite Army

Carneiro Boromite Frag Borer
Boromite Heavy Frag Borer




Carneiro Concord

Carneiro C3D1 and C3/GP Drones
C3D1 and C3/GP Drones
Carneiro Concord X-Howitzer
C3 X-Howitzer


Mateus' Ghar army
Mateus’ Ghar army




Carneiro Isorians

Carneiro Isorian Pulse Rifle Sniper
Isorian Sniper with Pulse Rifle
Carneiro Isorian Phase Squad Rear
Phase Squad (Rear)
Carneiro Isorian Phase Squad Front
Phase Squad