Medi-Probes, Medi-Drones and Medics

Medi- Probes and Drones and the Medic function

Medi-drones or medi-probes

Combat Level: Auxiliary, Tactical options

Where: Antares Rulebook

Medi-probes, medi-drones and medics are used by several factions in the Antares universe, so we have produced a single article to help with them all.

A medi‐drone is a mobile medical drone that is able to administer immediate care to wounded. Medi‐drones are often included in units of troops, especially command units.

Medi-probes are sharded probes that roam the battlefield on their own, seeking out and helping the injured (see below for a description of probes).

Medics are trained battlefield emergency medical technicians who carry all the equipment necessary to save lives. They are able to immediately rehabilitate troops suffering minor trauma who might otherwise be rendered ineffective.

Medi‐drones, probes and medics in human armies can only attend friendly  panhuman casualties – they cannot attend machines or non‐human creatures such as Lavamites or Meld Skarks. In Isorian armies, those with the medi- facility can attend Tsan Ra.

Any friendly unit within 5” of the medi‐drone, medic or medi-probe model, including the unit that includes the drone, can re‐roll one failed Res test each time it is shot at, fights hand to‐ hand, or otherwise suffers damage. If a unit is within 5” of two or more medi‐ or medic equipped models, then it can re‐roll one failed Res for each within range.  Medi‐ or medic re‐rolls can be added to re‐rolls from other medi-drones, medi-probes or medics, so a unit within range of a medi-drone, a medi‐probe and a medic gets three re‐rolls (though rerolls cannot be rerolled).

Algoryn Medic Team treating the injured

The PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex can take Medi-probe shards and medi-drones with their NuHu’s drone cloud. They and the Freeborn all can take medi-drones on their command squads. The Algoryn have medi-drones on their commanders but otherwise use Medic Teams.

The most well-known example of medics are those of the Algoryn. Medic Teams are common amongst the forces of the Algoryn and are highly regarded by the troopers who rely upon them in the field. They can be equipped with a medi-drone, as well, and can even be armed, the Algoryn well aware that there most dangerous opponents, the Ghar, are bent on destroying all panhumans, whatever their role and on or off the battlefield!

Medi-Probe Shards

In general, probes are small hovering unarmed drones surrounded by a cloud of nanospore. They are simple machines with limited and specific intelligence – by Antarean standards, that is. Many exude nanospore (nanobots) that feed information back to the unit’s combat shard, as well as using whatever types of communication is possible (given much of what we consider advanced communication methods would be blocked in an Antarean battlefield).

Medi-probes operate in shards – independent groups of drones that scour the battlefield and carry out their assigned roles. A typical shard consists of four to six probes. For most purposes each model in the shard is treated as a unit in its own right, but the entire shard contributes only one order dice to the dice bag.

Probes normally have a Res of 5 but are susceptible to the Ghar’s disruptor cannon. Being shards, they cannot receive the Distort dice as they can only be given a Run order. Probes are nimble, so also bob out of the way of units trying to attack them hand-to-hand, so cannot be engaged in an Assault. Further, models in a sharded unit normally have to be targeted individually unless they are attached to an enemy unit or are within 1″ of each other.

Tip: It is worth checking a scenario before playing, as some scenarios and environments block the activities of particular probes.

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