Mercenaries For Hire

Antarean space extends so far and covers such a wide band in history that it is unsurprising that there are many, warlike non-human species as well as many panhuman morphs. Mercenaries first appeared in the core rulebook in the shape of Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk, able to be hired by Freeborn. The Mhagris ferals, such as Bovan Tuk, are another example: fundamentally human, but with attitudes geared towards war. Even amongst the IMTel nations, these warlike peoples have a use as bounty hunters, guards, trackers or mercenaries, despite not being a fully integrated part of the IMTel.

In The Battle for Xilos the Freeborn Adventurers list and Boromite Clans list were specific mercenary armies that could be used on their own or as lists from which mercenaries could be hired (p.68-69) using the ‘Mercenary Fighters’ rules. But mercenaries need not just come from these two lists: they may also come from the ‘Mercenaries For Hire’ list, presented here.

Hiring and Using Mercenaries

Units on the ‘Mercenaries for Hire’ list can be hired (used in your army) in a similar fashion as units from the Adventurers or Clans lists but do not suffer the same restrictions as those Mercenary Fighters. All you have to do is pay the appropriate points and assign the mercenary For Hire unit to the same Combat Level slot in the hiring army’s force selector. For example, a Freelance Boromite Engineer unit can be hired on its own rather than a Boromite Clan’s Engineer squad which has to be hired with a Boromite Clan command unit.

Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers
Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers

Most mercenary units (stated in their entry) have to be used to replace a particular type of unit, designated by ‘Substitutes For’. For example: an Askar or Hükk tactical squad fills a tactical slot in the army’s force selector and counts towards the minimums and maximums in that slot like any other unit; an Askar Command squad substitutes for an tactical level Infantry Command unit; and Hansa Nairoba substitutes for a Freeborn Command Squad.

Units from the ‘Mercenaries for Hire’ list are able to be hired by specific (or any) faction, either on their own or alongside mercenaries from the Freeborn Adventurers or Boromite Clans list, but not both – the restrictions in Xilos still apply! Non-mercenary units must still outnumber the total mercenary units, whatever list they are taken from, by at least one unit. So a C3 shard can hire some Freeborn Adventurers (Mercenary Fighters, Xilos, p.68) and a Mercenaries for Hire unit providing the Concord units in the force outnumber the total of Adventurers plus Mercenaries.

Unfortunately, Mercenaries are not completely reliable and the rules for Mercenary Break Tests in Xilos on page 69 still apply!

A PDF is available with all the rules for Mercenaries For Hire.

Military – on the table

Mercenaries for Hire include non-humans as well as humans. Whilst there are few at the moment, keep a watch on this page as we expect more over the coming years.


Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk (Commanders)

Hükk Bounty Hunter (hunter/sniper)

Askar Protector Command
Askar Protector Command (Coming Soon)


Freelance Combat Engineers
Freelance Combat Engineers

Mercenary Fighters

Other models such as Togg and Amano Harran are Mercenary Fighters, to be used as allies or replacing elements within the Freeborn Adventurers list and are not Mercenaries for Hire.