Mercenary Togg

Mercenary Togg

Combat Level: Tactical

Substitutes for: Any Freeborn Infantry Command, including Freeborn Adventurer’s list (see Battle for Xilos).

Usable by: Freeborn. As a Mercenary Fighter, can be taken from the Freeborn Adventurer’s list and can be used by any bar Ghar and Virai but including Vorl.

Unique: Only one can be used in an army.

Where: Togg special character Download PDF

Model painted by Lizzie Stephens, RK Studio

Togg Kin’Ru is a unique human-morph whose origins remain a mystery. Rescued from the wreckage of a spacecraft by savages as a child, he has no memories of his own world or people. Brought up by savage warriors and subsequently recruited by Freeborn as a mercenary fighter, he combines the courage and determination of a primitive with massive physical development and astonishing intelligence. Today this lone survivor roams the Spill, searching Antarean space for the homeworld which he has never known.

Togg Kin’Ru’s appearance combines elements of his background from the savage Cranogn tribe that raised him, to the sophisticated Freeborn armour and weaponry he has learned to master. His plasma carbine is a highly modified weapon that combines a closely-sharded intelligence attuned to his unique genetic pattern. He is protected by hyperlight armour suspended from plates and carrier nodes, and his body is naturally tough with enhanced healing abilities. He carries a warrior’s knife of the Cranogn, the symbol of a warrior amongst his adopted people, more precious to him than any ordinary weapon (and giving him SV1 in hand-to-hand with the three attacks he has).

Infantry Command Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Togg Kin’Ru: plasma GenCarbine, tempest grenades, Cranogn hunting knife 6 6 7 6(8) 9 9 Command, Follow, Hero, Leader 3, Wound 2, 3 hand-to-hand attacks

The GenCarbine is built to suit Togg’s anatomy and linked to his genetic code. Couple with his natural capabilities, this enables him to shoot three times, whilts otherwise being as a normal plasma carbine (effective 3 shots at SV2 or 6 shots at SV0).
The Tempest grenades cause a local micro-storm, affecting even heavy suspensor vehicles. They cause d3 pins on a target and all within D10″ also take a pin. In point blank shooting, both the user and the target take d3 pins and the 10″ range extends from both units. Tempest grenades cannot be used in any hand to hand combat.

The Cranogn hunting knife gives Togg SV1 in hand-to-hand.

Togg was a limited edition figure with the Antares dice game and given away at the first Antares Day in 2017. He is now available on the webstore.

The full rules and background for this intriguing Antarean character are in the Togg special character Download PDF.