Mhagris Skark Squads

Feral (Mhagris) Skark Riders

Feral Skark squadCombat Level: Support

Where: Core Rulebook

Feral warriors of the Mhagirs ride skarks in their long-ranging raids against rival tribes and often clash in the scalding desert air. The Mhagris have fallen under the domination of the Oszon Mercantile League, an alliance of Freeborn Varda led and dominated by the Vardos Oszoni. Members of the league gladly makes use of Mhagris warriors, recruiting them into their own forces and training and equipping them to fight as mercenaries on their masters’ behalf.

Amongst those warriors are entire formations of skark riders, their creatures variously upgraded and pacified with appropriate neural grafts, yet losing none of their native ferocity or endurance. The skark is a lithe and lightly-built winged creature, but none the less deadly for all that. It is temperamental, willful and hard to control.

In game they are useful mounts, being fast and having three attacks in hand-to-hand. When the rider’s maglash is included in the attack (see the core rulebook, page 131), it means a squad dishes out 15 hand-to-hand attacks in a turn – lightweight, strike value 1 attacks perhaps, but so many not to be sniffed at! The riders are armed with mag guns and armoured with reflex, but can be given soma grafts and impact cloaks, and teh leader can be given a plasma pistol, mag repeater or plasma carbine to make their shooting more effective.

Tactically, this means they need finesse. They do not have the firepower of the Skyraiders, so are not very successful at shoot-and-scoot tactics (they are ferals, after all!), and are lightly defended, so need to make maximum use of their rerolls when charging in to the attack. Nonetheless, once they get into combat…

Feral Skark Squad (Mounted) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Skark Leader with mag gun, maglash, reflex armour, Skark 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8 Leader, Fast, Large, Skark: 3 Attacks SV1
Skark Fighter with mag gun, maglash, reflex armour, Skark 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8 Fast, Large, Skark: 3 Attacks SV1


In store

The box set gives you what you need to field your Skarks in any way. It contains 3 standard maglashes, enough mag guns to arm the whole squad so you can be a threat at a range and in close quarters, plus a mag repeater, plasma pistol and plasma carbine.
502214001 Freeborn Skark Squad box front