Micromite Probe Shard

Boromite Micromite Probe Shard

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Antares Rulebook

Micromites are used by Boromites as probes. They are a lavan species, but have a great many implants so are possibly best seen as a cybernetically-enhanced, living creature. As part grown hatchlings have much of their nervous system replaced with a nano‐net, it is doubtful whether the resultant micromite could be said to be really alive. Despite this maltreatment, micromites still preserve something of their native cunning and have a keen sense of self‐preservation.

In game terms, Micromites direct fire as for targeters, but only move 15″, scuttling along close to the ground. As they take advantage of the terrain to conceal themselves and to dig in wherever they can, any unit shooting at a micromite suffers a –2 modifier to its Acc value and any Res cover bonus a micromite is otherwise entitled to is always increased by one.

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