MOD units and deployment

This a pointer to an Insight article that refers to deployment with MOD vehicles. A closer look at transports helps explain what happens with MOD units from the viewpoint of transports, and from which a few questions were answered in the Q&A and FAQs (see the Living FAQ).  There was another question, however, on MOD units failing to deploy, which is worth exploring briefly and is split into two.

The first part is related to questions like ‘How do I deploy MOD units?’ and ‘How do I bring them after turn 1?’, understandably followed by ‘How many dice do I put in the bag at each stage?’

The answer to ‘How many dice do I put in the bag for a MOD unit during deployment’ is one(1) dice for deploying on-table before the game, as we deploy units one-by-one and it is only one unit.

At other times, all the MOD dice that aren’t otherwise blocked or destroyed go in the bag (or wait to go in the bag if the MOD unit is being held back).

There was a subsequent question ‘What happens if my MOD unit fails its command test to come on?’. The answer is ‘Retain the dice and try again with the next one – or the one after that’. As soon as the MOD unit succeeds, the failing order dice should be given the same order as the successful dice and placed beside/beneath it. If the MOD unit fails to come on with all its dice, then all its order dice are kept off the table and placed back in the bag at the start of the next turn.