Boromite Brood Mother

Matronite Brood Mother

Combat Level: Strategic

Where: Core Rulebook

The Brood Mother was the first huge creature to be released for Antares.

The Brood Mother – or Matronite to give the creature its proper name – is the largest and most extraordinary Lavan species of them all. Yet it begins life as a hatchling quite indistinguishable from its siblings, and it is only its extraordinary capacity for growth than comes to mark it out as a species of a vast and different kind.

These creatures are an extreme physical morph that evolved – or were encouraged to evolve – to live with in the Borom asteriod belt. With the ability to survive in harsher environments and an extraordinarily dense hide, they make a perfect platform for heavy weapons, the Boromites carving out fighting compartments within the beast’s stony hide to carry men and weapons.

Normally a placid and gentle creature, suitably powerful neural implants are used to goad the Brood Mother into a savage killer. For she is a mother, indeed, laying mobile eggs that scurry off into surrounding crevices to incubate. When they hatch, the small hatchlings gravitate towards a Brood Mother and feed upon the gritty flakes of scale that she sheds for this purpose.

We have a pair of articles about tthe background and painting of one particular, sapphire-infused broodmother, The Beast: Momma Blue. There is also a video by Matt ‘Rocky’ Schreiber on YouTube on putting the Brood Mother together as well as a step-by-step painting guide by Rocky.

Weapons and Equipment

The Brood Mother is a Humongous Beast unit and the crew’s role is simply to operate any weapons and direct the creature by means of neural implants much as if it were a vehicle. The stats are a mix of its crew’s abilities (Acc, Init and Co) and those of the creature itself. Full details can be found in Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebook on page 188. On the table she tends to act as a firing platform rather than as an offensive unit, her lumbering bulk making her extraordinarily slow. But she is tough, incredibly so, and with the swarms around her makes for a very difficult unit to destroy.

Humungous Beast Unit Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1 x Matronite Brood Mother with 4 mag light support 5 5 10 15 7 9 MOD2, Slow, Large, Matronite: 1 Attack SV4
0-5 Lavamite Hatchling Swarms 5 7 7 7 7 5 3 Attacks SV1, Lava Spit

1 Attack SV4, 3 Attacks SV1: The attacks and strength (SV), in hand­-to-­hand fighting, of the Brood Mother and the Hatchling Swarms

Slow: The Brood Mother is slow with a M of 2.5”.

Lava Spit: Literally just uthat! The hatchlings can spit lava at opponents in point blank shooting.

Brood Mother Weapons

Overview of the Matronite Broodmother

The Tabletop Warlords have a video overview of the broodmother, here: (offsite).

The Matronite in store