Boromite Miner Tas Geren’do

Tas Geren’do, Boromite Miner, retired Rock Father

Tas Geren’do, venerable Boromite Rock Father

Combat Level: Tactical (as Rock Father)

Where: Chryseis Shard, p.111

In the depths of the Chryseis III mines lives the venerable Rock Father Tas Geren’do, one of the first to raise the alarm about the Chryseis Shard. It was his Boromites who escaped the deadly nanosphere into the Antares Nexus, being picked up by other factions and the Outcast Rebels.

Tas Geren’do’s long and colourful past was spent – or more accurately misspent – chasing riches, dreams and women. As a young mercenary fighter, he fought for the Ky’am Freetraders, quickly gaining a reputation for determination and daring, and rising to take command of his own company. After falling out with the Ky’am he became a treasure­hunter and adventurer – and a successful one at that!

That was all a long time ago. His adventures have taken their toll over a long lifetime. He has already lived through six major reconstructive rejuvenations. That was until he was caught in a rock fall and so badly crushed that even the advanced reconstructive regeneration techniques of the Panhuman Concord could not entirely save him.

As a Boromite he was unwilling to endure transition into a machine, but there was no time to grow an entire clone body. Instead, they regenerated what they could and melded what could be salvaged of his human body with a machine interface. He now considers himself lucky as his new machine body has an integrated borer drone and is a full-blow suspensor platform (with Rapid Sprint), so can carry three miners (bodyguards – gangers) along with him.

 Ag Acc  Str  Res  Init  Co Special
Tas Geren’do: mass compactor, lectro lash, unitary-suspensor platform, integral borer  4  6  6 10  8  10 Command, Follow, Hero, Leader 2, Wound
0-3 x Gangers with mass compactors, reflex armour 4 6 6 6(7) 6 9

Command, Follow, Hero, Leader 2 are all standard attributes as listed in the Antares rulebook. Wound gives an extra ‘life’ – the character can be killed as many times as they have Wounds, the only penalty being that that cannot remove the last pins on their unit equal to the number of Wounds they have taken.

Tas Geren’do in store

Tas Geren’do first appeared in the The Chryseis Shard.