New Mercenary Units – an invitation

Mercenaries in Antares – an Invitation

Hansa Nairoba, Bovan Tuk and Ferals
Mercenary Captains Hansa Nairoba, Bovan Tuk and ferals

Beyond the Gates of Antares is building up its mercenary units. From Hansa and Bo, we moved on to ‘Mercenary Fighters’ in The Battle for Xilos and as we’ve gone on we’ve also added a few, specialist ‘Mercenaries for Hire’, as well. The mercenaries-for-hire now include specialist units such as:

These are just the start: we intend to add more mercenary units, for which we have ideas of our own, but we thought that the Antares player community – you – might like to contribute with ideas for the mercenary units you would like to see!

If we like your idea we’ll develop it into something we can use. The mercenaries should be able to be used across Antares, like the Askar and Hükk, so you have a fairly free reign in being able to step away from the congested chaos of the Determinate. Mercenaries units in such areas could range from groups of rugged, unorthodox individuals to well-organised, highly professional squads from a larger combine, be panhuman, alien or independent drone units, could be adaptations of existing units like the Freelance Engineers, or could be something completely new!

We’re not looking for radically new weapons, buddy drones or equipment and would expect most units to use weapons, drones and equipment in the existing armoury. However, if there is something really special you’d like to see that isn’t covered by any of the existing equipment, do include details of what it is, how it works and how it’s different from anything else.

A hunting Hükk and pack of Angkriz
A hunting Hükk and pack of Angkriz

Submitting your ideas

All you have to do is put together the details of the idea and send us an email at In that email it be great to see:

  • A name, combat level (tactical) and type (infantry, mount, etc)
  • a description,
  • some idea of their background, and perhaps a history,
  • who they hire out to – and who they would definitely not hire out to – and
  • some idea of stats that matches the background,
  • some idea of equipment, weapons and upgrade options
  • whether you’ve playtested it already and what happened.

Obviously, some ideas overlap, and may well match with the ideas we already have(!), and we may have to adjust some of the details to fit into the background. We’ll work out points, images, modelling and actual equipment. We will acknowledge all the contributions we use and if we like your particular idea so much to create a unit, we’ll send you the unit you helped create – sa soon as it’s cast!

Posted in May 2019 – there is no end-date as we’d welcome ideas from the community, but it would be great if we had some ideas in fairly soon so we could schedule them in!