Options for Nurk-27

Personal ShardsThere are no rules in The Chryseis Shard for the special figure Nurk-27 (or, properly, NRRK-27 01-24-08). He had a sad life as an Outcast, culminating in being selected for the less-than-delightful task of receiving a brain graft from a Boromite.  Unlike his fellows, he survived and escaped with other Outcast Rebels and, even now, is deep in the mines on Chryseis IV.

In the welcoming gloom of the tunnels, he inspires the other Rebels with his tales and visions, his stories of what is beyond, what he sees – or, more rightly, what his brain-graft had previously experienced. Such tales, though, are far beyond the experience of many lowly Outcasts and lesser Ghar, so he has become an inspiration.

The problem is that Nurk is militarily useless. His skill set appears to have been that of general janitor, or similar, and the military experiences he has are solely from the rather confused viewpoint of a dead Boromite’s memories – something that is not helpful to Ghar of any fashion. Nonetheless, we have the figure and many would like to use him on the tabletop in some fashion. We’ve collated a few of those ideas below: if you have an idea, do let us know!

Nurk-27 OptionsIn all the ideas below, unless otherwise stated Nurk’s stats are as for a normal Outcast (Ag 6, Acc 5, Str 3, Res 4, Init 6, Co 6).

Chris Campbell suggests using Nurk as both ends of a synchroniser drone for +20 points. The unit Nurk is with acts as an inspirational banner for other Outcasts, allowing another Outcast or Black Guard Infantry squad to co-ordinate its move with Nurk’s unit as if synchronised. All other synchroniser drone rules apply but Nurk has no weapons…

Toni Rex suggests using Nurk as a drone with no personal Stats. He can be added to an Outcast or Black Guard Squad and raises the Co to 9. He is also equipped with a “Healing rod”: the brain graft gave him intimate and secret Boromite knowledge about certain crystals and their almost “magical” effects. The Amarith, which is bound in Nurk’s staff, is a healing crystal. As a result, he also functions like a Medi-Drone. [Points probably +25]

A few ideas Rick and Tim threw around were to:

  • Add Nurk to an Outcats unit (still with no weapon) but a Co of 9. This means the unit can use his Co, so becomes surprisingly tough – until he dies, of course!  A Leader reroll is optional (+5pts).
  • Give Nurk a Co of 8, no weapon but a standard Command attribute for +10 points. This is truly effective, so you might like to limit it to the Rebel rules’ 5″ radius.
  • For +10 points, allow Nurk to extend the Rebel rule so all units with the Rebel rule within 5″ of Nurk’s unit ignore 2 pins rather than one. This, too, can be really effective!

We look for more!