Orbital transmats

Orbital transmatss link the advanced civilisations, both from the surface of a planet to low orbit, within a starship or orbital, and even in a vast network across the surface of a planet. They are also deployed in drop capsules or in transmat drop ships – the idea being that as soon as teh ship reaches teh surface,, troops can transmat down and deploy. Whilst their range is limited to a few hundred kilometres, at most (half a kiloyan maximum), transmats are so useful that often military operations are focused on establishing or capturing a transmat bridgehead.

The Orbital Transmat stations can be used to bring on units using the Deployment Rules (page 140 Beyond the Gates of Antares) or as an objective to hold and then use to escape a planet to our orbiting ships in a narrative campaign. Try it for yourself by using the Bridgehead scenario found on page 154 of the main rules or in the ‘Test the Transmats‘ scenario. You could make your own, but Sarissa Precision have already made a number for Antares, from an older, inter-age design to full-blown cargo transmats.

Orbital Transmat Station

Transmats come in many forms, the one we have available is of a type first discovered to be working within a few hundred years of the sixth collapse – in the local planetary system of one of the first gates to be regenerated by the nexus. The Orbital Transmat is a fixed point system that acts as a focal point, this allows units to be lowered effortlessly in a transmat beam form ship to low orbit or ground.

WG-TER-60 Transmat Station

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Transmat Pads

Single Transmat

These are basic transmat pads used throughout Antarean space, perhaps for building-to-building transfer or for embarkingi on longer journeys across a planet or into low orbit. In Antares games, they can be regarded as doorways into buildings (see page 59 of the rulebook for rules how that works). You can also use these transmat pads as stations within a transport network – transporting units from point to point – once again using the same rules as entering and leaving a building and treating the pads as doorways (part of a move – Run, Advance and equivalent Reactions, or, perhaps, a consolidation move.  A scenario might specify the positions of such pads, but in general we’d suggest a range of about 20 inches between a pair as the maximum. Think of them as the Antarean equivalent of an escalator or travellator.

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Faction-specific Transmats

Each individual faction has their own transmat style dependent on what they wish to achieve. Algoryn transmats are intended for the rapid deployment of troops; Freeborn for mixed transport of luxury passengers, traders, merchants and exotic items as well as trade goods; whilst Boromites tend towards the practical and rugged, and even have huge orbital transmats for transporting ore.

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Algoryn Transmat
Algoryn Transmat

Freeborn Orbital Transmat
Freeborn Orbital Transmat

Boromite Orbital Transmat
Boromite Orbital Transmat

Boromite Ore Trans Scanner
Boromite Ore Trans Scanner (Large)