Outcast Rebel Black Guard and Command

Outcast Rebel Black Guard and Command

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Battle for Xilos, p.86, 88

The core of Fartok’s rebel army is the Black Guard. These are the most experienced and loyal of his fighters, mostly made up of veterans of Fartok’s Battlegroup Nine, although as the rebellion has gathered pace the Black Guard has grown with the addition of many other seasoned warriors freed by the rebel army.

All the Rebels, includingi the Black Guard, have the Rebel attribute. This means they get some encouragement from nearby friends, making them less likely to break and more likely to obey any orders given to them.

The Black Guard and their less squeamish have learnt to adapt what weapons they can from their foes, primarily Algoryn. The majority use mag guns and are equipped with hastily adapted reflex armour, though some have learnt to use micro-x launchers (mini magnetic-rail grenade launchers). Others have been given hastily adapted and short-lived plasma lances whilst leaders are given scavenged plasma carbines. And all can be given maglashes or plasma grenades. The whole sounds a strange mix but can be surprisingly potent mix with many variations: an assault squad can be given maglashes, for example, whilst a hard-hitting, though fragile, strike squad can be built with plasma weapons and the micro-X.

The rebel army is itself growing so large that Fartok has divided his forces into several smaller commands, each under the eye of a trusted rebel leader. Some still have their battlesuits, but others remain with the black guard. On the table, such Black Guard Command units are useful in leading waves of Black Guard and Outcast units to overrun the enemy in successive charges using their Follow ability – and giving the unit maglashes can be useful in such instances.

An overview of Ghar and Rebel weapons can be found in this article.

Rebel Black Guard (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Rebel Commander with mag gun, reflex armour (Optional maglash) 6 5 3 4(5) 7 7 Command, Follow, Hero, Leader, Rebel
2-4 x Black Guard (Command) with mag gun, reflex armour (Optional maglashes) 6 5 3 4 (5) 7 7 Rebel
Black Guard Leader with mag gun, reflex armour (Optional maglash and plasma carbine) 6 5 3 4(5) 7 7 Leader, Rebel
5-11 x Black Guard with mag gun, reflex armour (Optional: maglashes; one with
plasma lance; one with micro-X launcher)
6 5 3 4 (5) 6 6 Rebel

In store

The Black Guard are available in a command pack and as a full squad. Special figures have been released as limited run book figures, and the leader with mag gun below is also available from the webstore.  They are also frequently available in army deals.

WGA-GAR-38 Outcast Rebels Command
Outcast Rebels – Black Guard – Command Team
WGA-GAR-11 Fartoks Black Guard

505005002 Fartoks Black Guard Leader with mag gun
Black Guard leader with Mag Gun