Outcast Rebel Creeper

Ghar Rebel Outcast Rebel Creeper

Combat Level: Support

Where: Battle for Xilos, p.76

Another accomplishment of Fartok’s Rebels is to combine Ghar crawler technology and plasma reactors with Algoryn skimmers to produce the ‘creeper’. To Ghar, the shells of such craft are made of materials that are strange, quite unlike the familiar onion-like layers of metals and composites used to make the bodies of Ghar equipment. These weird materials do have the benefit of being exceptionally lightweight and strong even without the benefit of powerful magnetic shields so they can be adapted to take the weight of Ghar technology and power strange hybrids.

The most successful of these machines to date is the Creeper. The shell of a destroyed Algoryn Scout Skimmer is attached to a low-output plasma reactor and mechanical crawler legs. In Ghar hands the machine is large enough for two crew, a driver and gunner. The reduced weight allows the machine to operate at higher speeds and enables the gun position to quickly come to bear on targets.

The Creeper can be armed with a variety of captured weapons. Algoryn magnetic weaponry is favoured because it is relatively robust and able to withstand exposure to the radiation from the Creeper’s power unit. A captured weapon’s nano-envelope will inevitably break down after a while, after which it will cease to function, but it can easily be replaced with another. A mag light support on the creeper’s MOD2 chassis is dangerous, as is a mag cannon, and the Creepers often hunt in packs… and are especially dangerous when they are boosted with plasma amplifiers.

An overview of Ghar and Rebel weapons can be found in this article.

Rebel Creeper Unit (Vehicle) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1-3 Creepers with mag light support (Optional mag cannon,
plasma amplifiers, plasma dumps)
5 5 1 10 8 8 Large, Crawler, MOD2, Scramble Proof, Plasma Reactor

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