Outcast Rebel Flitter Bombs

Outcats Rebel Flitter Bombs

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Battle for Xilos, p.79

Ghar Flitters are not probes in the same way as those of advanced Antarean societies such as the Concord. Flitters are tiny fragile flying machines with mechanical wings a little like a bat. They fly in a jerky, irregular manner and are attracted towards movement, but are not even remotely intelligent machines.

Ghar Flitter Bombs are an innovation of Fartok’s engineers who have converted ordinary Ghar Flitters into simple flying bombs by the addition of a small disruptor charge. Like Flitters they are treated as a probe unit, although they are primitive compared to other Antarean probes. As a disruptor weapon their ability to inflict pins makes them extremely useful, although being Ghar constructions they are also  notoriously unreliable and often fail to explode altogether.

On the table, they must move up to an opposing unit where they have a 50% chance of exploding. When they do, however, the disruptor bombs with which they are fitted cause D3 hits at D3 strive value. In mass attacks, they can be devastating, so it is quite a relief fo renemy forces that there are so few of them!

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