PDF Army Lists

Free PDF Army Lists (V3)

PDF Army ListsThese FREE Antares Online Army Lists replace the lists in the Antares rulebook itself and in the supplements. We have lists for the core factions, each of which has been amended and expanded in line with the current supplement, errata and rules amendments up to The Dronescourge Returns in July 2018. You can either jump straight to the lists, the commentaries in which Rick explains the reasoning and changes, or have a look at the overview.

  • Overview – Why online lists and the format
  • Commentary – What’s changed in the lists, and why
  • Army Lists – the lists themselves, all in a single .zip file or individually, including specialist lists


Why online lists?

Inevitably, as we expand our Antarean ranges, the original army lists become out of date. As we publish more supplements, or rules amendments are made, the relevant army lists entries become dispersed over a series of publications. It’s very inconvenient! By making the army lists available online we can ensure the current version is there for all to download. Did we mention they’re Free?

Another useful aspect of online army lists is that we can make any necessary corrections or amendments quite quickly. That might mean addressing a genuine mistake – though hopefully not too often – but more often it reflects experience and community feedback, allowing us to fine tune a rule or value or change the expression of an entry to make things clearer.


The lists are presented in the same format as the original Antares rulebook and supplements, with a few minor adjustments to aid clarity. Some multiple entries for things like weapon teams have been compounded into a single entry with options for different weapons and entries that were sometimes expressed slightly differently in different lists have been revised into a standard format. The lists are presented in a minimal style, without the embellishment of illustration or background tinting. This is to allow the pages to be printed more conveniently and allows us to easily make changes and add new entries in the future.

Commentary on the Lists

Rick Priestley created a V3 PDF Lists Commentary explaining the few changes and additions from Dronescourge for any players needing to check out the changes. An earlier commentary for the larger number of changes in September 2017 can be found here: V2 Army Lists Commentary.

Rules updates:  There are a number of rules updates also available as a free PDF on Rules Central. These include updates to the Net special ammunition, Tectorists and tector Rods, the Leader reroll on models using damage charts and the new sensor module on the transports.

Going Forward

These lists are updated in line with new publications – hence the version numbers! We also consider any necessary adjustments or amendments in light of community feedback. However, our aim remains to provide lists for general play as described in the Antares rulebook. We respect that clubs and other organisations running tournaments to strict deadlines, perhaps on non-standard tables, may wish to make their own adjustments, and we encourage them to do so!

Finally, can I add my personal thanks to everyone who has contributed to developing these lists, and especially to Tim Bancroft both for his insightful suggestions and many hours of editing – thank you!

Rick P

The Army Lists

These lists and changes supersede any previously published errata for the original lists.

The links to the army lists from the faction links below include any special lists that may have been created for individual armies.  You can either access the specialised or individual lists below, or download all the core Antares Army Lists in a single, v3 .zip file – last updated July 2018.

In addition to these army lists, there is also a 600-point Exploration Force selector used at Warlord’s Antares Day 2018 and the Open Day 2018.

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