Living Errata

Living, Pending Errata

The errata below are generally waiting to be added into the errata PDF though most are addressed by rules amendments or by the latest army and unit definitions in the online Army List PDFs, which also has all the amended points costs for units. Whilst not strictly an errata but a rules extension, there is also an information sheet on transports.

The errata shown here are for The Battle for Xilos, The Chryseis Shard, The Dronescourge Returns, Antares Base One and the core rulebook.

Core Rules

p.15. Order Tests Add at end:  “Sometimes a unit can be activated by a special rule that enables the player to take an order dice from the dice bag rather than drawing a dice at random; for example, the Follow rule enables a player to activate several units at once in this way and a synchroniser drone enables a single unit to be activated after a unit has completed its order. An order dice taken from the dice bag on behalf of a unit rather than drawn at random is described as an automatic activation. The unit will still need to take any order test required to make its intended action – other than down – so it doesn’t necessary make its action automatically: it goes next automatically rather than a random dice being drawn. When a unit is activated automatically and makes an action, it is treated the same as if the order dice had been drawn randomly and played on the unit, except that the unit cannot automatically activate any other units even if it has a rule or equipment that would normally enable it to do so. In a nutshell: a unit that is automatically activated cannot automatically activate any other units.”

p.44, Break Tests. Replace the bullet points ‘Half number casualties’ with:

“⦁ Half casualties. A break test must be taken if a unit is shot at and hit by an enemy unit taking one or more casualties as a result, and has suffered at least half of the models it started the game with as casualties in total. Take the test after adding any pin(s) for the hits taken.
For example, if a unit of 5 men is shot at and suffers 2 casualties no break test is triggered. If the same unit is shot at and takes another casualty then a break test must be taken.”

p.114, p.120. Spotter Drone/Scout probe. OH Patch Sighting. LoS penalties for the shot are taken from the drone/probe to which the fire has patch sighted.

p.122. Subverter Matrix. First bullet point, add “As it attacks the opposing combat shard, units embarked within a vehicle are also attacked by the subverter matrix.”. Add after last bullet point.

“⦁  When all a force’s subverter matrixes are destroyed, all the dice they were contesting are returned to the order bag at the start of the turn after which it was destroyed.”

P.123, Vorpal Charge. 5th bullet point, add at end:  “If a model is removed as a casualty, or a damage chart roll is triggered, the unit takes a pin and is treated as if having been shot at and hit by an enemy unit. This may result in a Break Test (see Break Tests, p.44).” (Note that this was not clear, resulting in some anomalies.)

P.136, Plasma Reactor. 4th Para, Replace with the following. “If a plasma reactor is hit and explodes, infantry and mounts are casualties as normal but vehicles or weapon drones treat the hit as a Massive Damage hit (see p.37). The explosion may cause secondary explosions. Roll a D10 for each other plasma reactor equipped model in the unit: on the roll of a 10 that model’s reactor suffers a secondary explosion. Secondary explosions destroy infantry or mount models, as normal, and force a roll on the Damage Table for vehicles or weapon drones.” (This was missed out on the original text.)

p.162. Drop Squad. Change “Add up to the 3 Drop Troopers with plasma carbine to unit” to “Add up to the 3 Drop Troopers with plasma carbine and sub-mounted X-sling to unit”. Change “Exchange one additional trooper’s plasma carbine for a plasma lance” to “Exchange one additional trooper’s plasma carbine and sub-mounted X-sling for a plasma lance” (subsumed into new, PDF Army Lists).

p.171. Tectorist Scouts. Special: Add Probe, remove Outcasts, add Scramble Proof. Move is 15″ (subsumed into latest rules changes).

p.191. Vardanari Squad (Guards). Leader and troopers should be Vardanari (not Vardinari) (subsumed into new, PDF Army Lists).

The Battle for Xilos

p.47 “fast Sprint”, p.71 “Fast Sprint” refers to the “Rapid Sprint” Special Rule.

p.75 Ghar Outcast Rebel Hybrid Support Weapons, Mag Light Support. Strike value should be 2, as in the main lists, not 1.

p.82 onwards – all non-Adventurer and Clan units, options, and points costs are subsumed into main army lists.  All Adventurer and Boromite Clan units should have costs equal to the latest army lists for the same units (e.g. Adventurer Skyraiders).

p.91. Tectorist Scouts. Special: Add Probe, remove Rebels, add Scramble Proof. Move is 15″ (subsumed into latest rules changes).

p.91 Outcast Wrecking Squad, Outcast Rebels. All should have the ‘Rebel’ special rule (subsumed into main army lists).

p.93-94 Vardanari Squad Remove ‘Limited Choice’: none of the Mercenary army lists should have limited choice, just the force Selector and command squad restrictions.

p.95 Heavy Support Team. Crew description should include ‘reflex armour‘.

p.98 Lavamites. Noted in particular to match the V2 army lists.

p.100. Boromite Heavy Support Team. In particular, replace “Include Borer Drone in unit @15pts” with “Include Batter Drone in unit @20pts“.

The Chryseis Shard

p.74 Solar Skimmer. Weapon Options: Give mag launcher rack any of the following special munitions: Scrambler, Arc, Blur, Scoot, Net and Grip @5pts each OR 15pts for all (subsumed into main army lists).






The Dronescourge Returns coverThe Dronescourge Returns

Most of these have been included in the PDF version.

p.1, Playtesters – Troy Davidson, Vaughan Powell (not Vaughn). Sincere apologies.

p.79 Virai Weapon Drones. The stat block should show Acc 5 and not Acc 6.

p.84 Krasz. Exchange one trooper’s plasma carbine and X-sling for a plasma lance @1pts (and no X-sling).  There is also an inconsistency between the book and the lists that has been resolved to the Assault Weapons, Lance or Carbine, having 1 Attack at SV2 in hand-to-hand.

p.85 Algoryn Field Engineer Team, points value should be 30 points.

p.98 Armoured Troopers. The Armoured Trooper unit is an Armoured Infantry squad, not armoured command. The Battle Leader should be Leader, not Leader 2.

p.99 Outcast Squad. The addition of a Weapon Team should also include ‘making the squad a mixed Infantry+Weapon Team squad’

p.101 Command Crawler should have Ag of 5 as other Command Crawlers.




Antares Base One Rules

Antares Base One Basic Rulesp.36-38 The Algoryn Force picture shows a heavy mag cannon and the p.38 weapons description table (pg 38) has the heavy mag cannon but the force description says ‘X-Howitzer’. The force description should refer to a heavy mag cannon.