The Phantoms of G’Rem Link-Aht

Antares Mini-Campaign Games Day – 16th May 2020

Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham UK [Postponed due to CoViD-19 restrictions: date to be announced]

We have left this here for reference and , perhaps, ready for the rescheduled date!

Player Pack is already available from the store, here.

Link-Aht Postponed WarningThe instability of the Antarean gates continues. A collapse may have been triggered by the Isorian’s chronophasic device, but no faction yet knows how to prevent the disaster. Now, every faction’s Yu Hamnu artefacts point to the infamous but ancient system of G’Rem. Just what is Yu Hamnu trying to say?

G’Rem is denuded of resources, its planets bare and inhospitable bar one in a wildly eccentric orbit: Link-Aht. The planet is an ancient, post-Builder construct known for its many, tempting artefacts – some real, some fake. The planet’s oft-times enticing and wildly varying climatic zones are frequently masked by enigmatic, swirling mists.

But Link-Aht is a trap, its mists a nanosphere playing havoc with the minds and technology of those trapped upon its surface. Explorers rarely return, and those who do often find their promising artefacts are nothing but intricate, nonsensical contraptions.  But success brings rewards: it may be a high risk endeavour, but each faction – each shard – feels they had no choice but to attempt the search.

After retrieving a handful of artefacts, your search parties seek to evacuate the planet. But your combat shards are registering phantom foes all around. Worse, after destroying all the landers, Link-Aht’s drones now scour the surface, destroying transmat pads wherever they may be found. You know not which of the suddenly appearing sensor targets are phantom or real, or which are out to destroy you.

It is every shard for itself: evacuate or be doomed to remain on Link-Aht forever!

Forces to be used

Over three games, players will need a 1250 point army but using the 1000-point Combat force selector. On game one, only 750 points of this army are on the table  and these are reinforced on game two and three.  It may be possible for players with fewer models to borrow reinforcements from the organiser.

In game 2, reinforcements directly replace those units lost or evacuated in turn 1. In turn 3, the rest of the reinforcements come on so there could be an assymmetric game!

Wait, 1250 from 1000?

Yes. Each army must be 1250 points strong BUT using the 1000-point, Combat Force, selector.  What it means is that non-standard units can be taken, and perhaps more options, but there is a limit to unit overall count such as a single strategic entry. Reinforcements come on in game #2 replacing those lost or evacuated in game #1 on a unit-by-unit basis (it gets way too fiddly doing it by points or order dice).

As an experiment, we built some forces in list-builder applications and just continued until the only complaint we got was that it was +250 points over the top. After which, we reordered and renamed some units. There’s a list below.

There are some limitations on selection as per previous games days (see the Antares Day 2 2019 Player Pack), but they are basically over limiting Ghar weapon teams to being unit upgrades rather than separate teams, and limiting proobe units to one of each type. Given the objective is that units have to be evacuated, adding models to an existing unit in the upgrades is counter-productive as it means you won’t have evacuated them!

Evacuated? Are we trying to get off the table?

Concord captures boromites by a transmatYes. Every army is stranded on Link-Aht and must get off the table via erratically-functioning transmats before the G’Rem Link-Aht drones and phantoms knock them off, err, out of the game.  The phantoms are initially sensor glitches created by the Link-Aht nanosphere but occasionally turn out to be enemy forces – or friendly forces you think are enemy!

You also have to retrieve promising artefacts you have discovered. Whilst there is an individual army who will score the most points (a winner, along with a best-painted army award and a most enjoyable oppont/player), the faction with the most retrieved artefacts is most likely to find the real artefact (we’ll weight the chances by factions entered across the world).

Not all transmats take vehicles, however, and activating a transmat is effects all models in range (within 3″ of the edge of the transmat). This means you may capture enemy forces and artefacts near you as you whisk them away to your ship in orbit.  In playtesting, players had great fun capturing their opponent’s units! Artefacts can, of course, be destroyed and become progressively less reliable as they take damage (pins)…

A Sample List

We’ve chosen the Ghar, as they are most awkward. Note that the first 750 (actually 749) points are not a valid 750 or 1000-point list as they lack a suitable Ghar command unit to take a Bombardment Crawler. However, as long as the overall army is valid, you can take whatever units you want from your army for the forces on the table in game #1 up to the 750 point maximum. When sending it in, I’d also add a note (it’s in the AB file, just not output!) that the army has an extra Block in subsequent games (5 points) – as shown –  which could be used from game #2 onwards as it’s part of the reinforcements.

If you use Army Builder, please just send us this tournament output (Save Custom Output…->option 3), not the full list! It will help if you click on the squad’s main title and right click onto ‘Edit Squad Name…’ – renaming the unit just renames the unit details, as shown.

Annotated AB Sample Ghar Empire List
Annotated Army Builder Sample Ghar Empire List