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    A massage is a wonderful opportunity to relax and indulge yourself. Massage is among the most sought-after forms of physical therapy. It’s beneficial in relieving stress as well as improving your overall well-being. Because of schedule conflicts and financial constraints, not everyone can get regular massages. If you’ve made the decision to give massage therapy a try however you reside in an area that does not allow massage therapy, there are alternative ways to receive the help you require. Consider Reflexology for excellent results!

    Reflexology is also known as qi-gong or simply reflex therapy. It is a method of applying gentle pressure that is applied to certain areas of your hands and feet. By doing this, you are stimulating those areas that your body utilizes to recover itself. Often it is combined with herbal remedies that relieve stress and help with congestion. You can use your fingers, thumbs or even your hand for this massage. While the traditional method of reflexology has been around for centuries, it is widely recognized as a treatment option for all people.

    Reflexology doesn’t require any kind of equipment. It doesn’t require a massage table, oil massage oil, special furniture. All you need is a flat surface and loose, comfortable clothing. 청천동출장마사지 Reflexologists frequently find that lying down on a level surface and getting a treatment in reflexology is more relaxing than sitting at tables. This is due to the fact that your feet are being massed. Also, the pressure that is applied to various regions of the body helps to relieve tight and stressed muscle tissues, which may lead to better health and increased mobility.

    According to the Chinese medical doctor Xing Shen, the first recorded reference of reflexology was found in the Analects of the Eastern Handbook of Chinese Medicine that was written by the Emperor Hui Zong. In the year 360 BC the word “Reflexology” first became popular. The principal purpose behind reflexology was to treat aches and pains, as well as to help alleviate symptoms associated with illnesses. Numerous studies have supported the notion that reflexology can work. Reflexology has been found to ease back pain and legs, feet, abdomen and arms. It also reduces blood pressure and anxiety levels, as well as stress and insomnia.

    A majority of doctors believe that reflexology improves the functioning of the five “P” organs that are also referred to as the central nervous system and the endocrine glands. the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, and even the skin. Practitioners believe that “Qi” or vital energy within the body can become blocked. When this happens, one may become sick. They believe that the “Qi” should be released every now and then. It can be accomplished by applying pressure to your feet or hands. It is believed that foot massages enhance the “Yin,” which in aids in the prevention of disease and illnesses.

    Massage can be very effective in reducing discomfort. A massage can help reduce pain. Massage chairs can now be equipped with vibration and rhythmic options that create a more relaxing massage. Massage is a way to relax deeply, in which people feel less anxious, relaxed and more open to suggestions.

    The “Zoned Therapy” method of reflexology also assists people who are keen to receive a massage. Different zones can be treated according to the position of the acupoints. These zones are then subdivided into various categories. The “Zoned Therapy” theory says that the zones differ in accordance with where various body parts are. Thus, if someone is considering undergoing a massage, the therapist must know where the possible advantages are.

    Massage can be extremely effective in treating different medical ailments. Massage can help reduce headaches, inflammation, pain and fever as well as fatigue. In order to get the most benefits the massage must be performed by certified and experienced professionals who are certified in reflexology. By doing so they will be able to pinpoint the area that is affected by a specific medical condition. The massage therapist will discuss treatment options with the patient and suggest the most effective treatments for the condition.