• Zhu Harmon posted an update 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Deemed as among the most popular games nowadays, almost everybody is hopping aboard the bandwagon of Among Us. The game has earned one of the top spots and even celebrities from different parts of the globe are playing it right now because Twitch streamers and YouTubers have made it known to many. However, you’ll find particular players who wish to stay unknown and having a no name or blank name in the Among Us game can keep their identity invisible. It helps you to become stealthier because your character becomes a bit more difficult to see. Impostors may have an easier kill while Crewmates are able to evade the killers that will overlook them whilst playing. It’s way easier than you believe to also keep your identity a mystery.

    Though many players call it the “no-name hack”, it’s technically not a hack at all to create a blank name or turn your name invisible. It’s deemed as a clever trick that some players have found simply to mess with their friends during the game. It could also create confusion among them and they will have a slightly difficult time discovering the Impostor in the game since players will not know how to address you during chat. Nonetheless, this only works on mobile right after the game developers have fixed it so PC players can’t enjoy becoming a nameless assassin or hiding in tighter spaces without being noticed.

    So, how do you get a blank name, no name, or invisible name once you play Among Us online? Follow these easy steps and see how it can work well for you. First, you have to go to Compart by checking out the link that will direct you to the web page and get the unique Unicode Character (U+3164) referred to as Hangul Filler. There is an unseen character inside the square which you must copy and paste in your name slot in the game. should be open and you are connected online so you can access the text field where you can edit your name.
    can you cross play among us to you accidentally copied the quotation marks, you’ll be able to simply delete them or copy the Unicode once again without the quotation marks. you’re done, it’s going to be observed that you have no name because it’ll seem as blank and invisible.

    You may be slightly more difficult to be noticed and identified nevertheless it still doesn’t imply that you’re totally invisible in the game unless you’re already a ghost that Crewmates can no longer see you. You’ll have a blank or no name but there’s no point because you can still be recognized by your color or by just saying that you’re the one using the invisible name. It may or might not be of good use to have this sneaky bit of trickery but you can still enjoy it while playing on mobile. You better use it whilst you can and enjoy a good and a little annoying game together with your friends, simply because you have to anticipate that it will be patched out sooner or later.