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    For dozens of female students this is a real-life story of fornication by high school teachers. As he said, this story was edited without changing the meaning changed. His name is Mardi, a 35 year old man, still single, and his daily nickname is as a teacher at a private high school, we are called in the city of S.

    Why are you still one? The story of the first teenager, Mardi confirmed by Mistina, his village who later married an old gang named Moxin, the owner of the land in the village. After wandering around and becoming a teacher in the city of S, Mardy had an affair several times, for example with Susi, a hotel employee in the city of S. But Mardi was very disappointed after seeing that Susie was no longer just a call girl who was often touched by masher men. Meanwhile, with Erna, the son of the village head in S city, Mardi’s parents were not ready, so Mardi had to leave Erna. Fear of the same parental qualities.

    In the city of S, Mardi lives in a private secondary school educational complex. Mardi’s reckless behavior started in recent years, and it’s only getting worse because he hasn’t been found.
    Initially, one morning Mardi was confused about what to do. The night before, he and some of the peonies around the teacher complex had shone in censored scenes from the VCD. Filming a porn scene that sees Mardi’s increasing libido and needs guidance while his wife is unable to have it. Wanting to go to a local location, Mardi was afraid his acquaintances would find him. The irresponsible and imitated teaching profession, of course, prohibits it socially.

    “Come on, Linda, please do some work on the blackboard,” Mardi instructed his pupils. That morning, cerita dewasa Mardi taught mathematics to first grade. The number of students in class 1a is only 30, 10 of whom are boys and 20 are girls. Once Mardy’s orders were given, Linda stepped forward to execute Mardy’s teacher orders.