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    Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Kate & Nicole

    Will our daughters ever again be whole?

    Little girls gone wild mop the nation

    They seem to be everywhere

    Plus they may not be using underwear.

    Tweens adore them and teenagers envy them.

    But what are all of us doing to the generation?

    Are we all raising a era of ‘prosti-tots’?

    Much worse than little crude boys farts

    Little girls are learning to be sweet hot tarts

    Through the latest tween tramps in Showmanship

    Cartoons, MTV, in addition to movie theme tunes

    Are captivating young ladies to come alongside

    Do not need be genuine and maintain your trousers on.

    Stars movies pantyless with the particular paparazzi

    Now lil girls wish to dress like Paris and Britney

    Torn tights, tight clothes, or in a sting bikini

    So what can little types learn from Nicole Richie?

    Who stopped her car in the car-pool lane

    Like L. A. traffic would worship the woman just the exact same

    Such a proceed adds complexity alive lived simply

    Past Lindsay’s pole-dancing to get ready for a film

    A minimum of with Overlook Lohan there will be humility and credibility

    As she sensibly checked herself into a rehab preventively

    Awaking to actuality after passing out there inside a hotel hallway.

    In terms of Kate Moss she fell quickly over the stairway

    Decorated in just a fur jacket with the girl cigarettes

    Whatever occurred to these ladies parents?

    Were they not properly brought up during adolescence

    Or even is their shock-appeal their publicity splendour?

    Beyond which they might not get the attention

    That along with their short lived physical attraction

    Which often substance abuse will be rapidly robbing

    Their particular heart and soul yearning and throbbing

    For a new little more mass media exposure and primary light

    Before these people disappear into typically the dark night

    Britney’s recent collapse gives further insight

    The New Year’s Event party in Las vegas wasn’t fine

    Something’s in the air, and i also wouldn’t phone it love.

    Nor is
    Trafficked Young Women From Nigeria To Italy Through Libya For Prostitution through up above

    Simply no, demons from heck beneath have recently been launched

    To seek, destroy, and destroy our precious children

    Like no time before, the kids are being bombarded

    By oversexed imagery, under outfitted celebs

    Who screen nudity grotesquely in addition to constantly

    Showing off their well-waxed exclusive parts

    From godliness this generation offers boldly left

    Video clips like "Girls Gone Wild on Grounds Uncensored"

    Earn a good estimated $40 million a year on vicio

    Coming in order to a town around you with their own prostitution

    Ready to be able to inebriate, proselytize, in addition to penetrate

    The impressionable hearts and meandering minds

    Of any fatherless generation without proper guidance

    To woo these people into a lifestyle of rebellion in addition to defiance

    Senseless libido, self-righteousness, and self-reliance

    Kids, born in the new-media petri meal, are well mindful

    Of celebrity tricks, feuds, fashion, design, and hair