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    Normally, whenever a man is sexually aroused, his brain sends signals to relax the muscle cells in his penis . Thus, the blood circulation to the penis is increased, producing an erection . Erectile dysfunction occurs when this process is stopped.

    Viagra works by promoting an increase in blood circulation to the penis , thus adding to the erection . However, viagra is not an aphrodisiac and still requires sexual arousal to trigger an erection . To obtain the best effect, the individual must take the medicine on a clear stomach , one hour prior to the expected sexual intercourse .

    Alcohol consumption make viagra less effective and raise the risk of side effects .
    비아그라 구매 of viagra last between four and six hours, but that will not mean that the patient’s erection can last that long; the individual will maintain the capability to achieve an improved erection for that period of time, if he could be sexually aroused.

    Viagra: pros and cons

    The pros

    Viagra treats erection dysfunction with great results. In this way, it contributes too much to improve interpersonal relationships which were disturbed by erection difficulties . There are several partners who could be at the height of sexuality, but are frustrated because the man is no longer able to keep up with them.

    Sildenafil citrate can be effective in pulmonary hypertension . It relaxes the arterial wall, leading to lower pulmonary arterial resistance and pressure. In this way, it reduces overwork in the right ventricle of the center and improves the symptoms of heart failure on the proper side.

    Scientific tests have reported that sildenafil decreases the frequency of Raynaud’s attacks , reducing its duration by 50%, a lot more than quadrupling the common speed of capillary blood .

    Viagra is quite safe.

    The cons

    Viagra is not for everyone. It can cause heart attacks and even death. Those people who have risk factors for coronary heart disease , cardiovascular disease or hypertension , diabetics , overweight people , who smoke cigars or who are taking organic nitrates shouldn’t take the medication.

    High blood pressure patients, whether they have heart problems or not, also needs to avoid viagra.

    Sometimes the erection due to viagra can last for an abnormally long time (4 hours or more), that may cause irreversible harm to the penis . This condition, called priapism , takes its medical emergency . The blood that flows in to the penis cannot flow back from it easily. This engorgement causes no oxygen to reach the penile tissue , causing it to die.

    As well as priapism , viagra represents a significant risk for some types of cancer , especially melanoma .

    The medication should not be used if the patient has had a coronary attack or stroke ; if you have severe liver disease ; nitrates are used to control angina or another heart problem or for just about any other reason.

    There may be side effects unpleasant, though rare, such as pain head , nausea , facial flushing, nasal congestion, hypersensitivity to light, palpitations , transient visual disturbances and arrhythmias heart .

    Viagra has important drug interactions and will only be utilized with the guidance of a health care provider.