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    Things You Should Know About Streaming

    Streaming is more than a buzzword. It’s quickly becoming the way in which of the future. Streaming content has many advantages, including fast load times and no buffering or awaiting playback to begin. That’s why we’ve compiled this listing of few things you should know about streaming media.

    1. Streaming is not the same as downloading

    This might seem such as a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many individuals understand this wrong. People often confuse streaming and downloading when it comes to media. Streaming content means that your device only downloads the part of an audio or video file required for playback at any given time and energy to reduce bandwidth requirements, similar to turning on a touch vs filling up a bath tub packed with water. The fedmyster is a good streamer which is very funny, and he loves to stream games.

    2. You don’t require a fast web connection to stream

    Another common misconception is that you need superfast speeds to watch streaming media. This isn’t the case — so long as your device has an internet browser and can access content online, you can start watching.

    3. Streaming may use lots of data

    Another common misconception about streaming is so it won’t affect your online plan at all. This isn’t true either; watching high-quality video or audio content on the run (or even in the comfort of your own home) will use up some bandwidth, which means using more of one’s precious monthly megabytes and gigabytes, so watch on those limits.

    4. You are able to stream with or without an internet connection

    Did you realize it’s possible to view streaming media offline? It is, and there are many ways for you to do so. Suppose your device has a built-in feature which allows the download of audio and video files (this usually requires WiFi). In that case, this will develop a local copy of what you need to help keep available for later — saving memory space along the way while preserving playback options.