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    Youtube Scandals and Their Approach on Handling it

    YouTube has turned into a hub for many people looking to view videos of their favourite vloggers, comedians, musicians and other creators. It’s an entirely different experience from traditional television or film since it allows viewers to produce content themselves by uploading videos showcasing their talents. However, as is usually the case with social media marketing platforms, there can be quite a darker side to YouTube that some might not realize: drama among the city members who post on this site.

    In this blog post, we’ll explore what kind of toxic behaviours occur in the YouTube community.

    Youtube scandals have been around in the news headlines a whole lot recently. It’s hard to go just one day without hearing about another Youtuber in hot water. Drama in the youtube community has been going on for quite a while, but the problem has recently gotten worse. As youtube grows and changes, so does its community.

    Some of the infamous Youtube scandals are the following:

    The Fine Brothers: Who Paid Their Fans to Hate on “React” Videos?This scandal has been one of the biggest in recent history.

    Tana Mongeau and TanaCon: Tana scammed fans into purchasing a failed event.In 2018, Youtuber Tana Mongeau announced she was holding a meeting in California. She managed to offer over 600 tickets and make $62,000 before cancelling the big event due to poor planning. Her fans were outraged and called her a scammer

    Jake Paul: “It’s Everyday Bro” Meme- The song itself isn’t controversial, but Jake Paul was involved in the drama surrounding it. He has been known for his pranks and is currently area of the Disney Fame. However, his most recent scandal was when he got kicked out of a lover meetup because fans were getting too scared by him.

    Callmecarson : Callmecarson is known for his controversial music. He makes songs about unacceptable things while he claims it’s satire.

    This list doesn’t even begin to describe all the drama that has occurred in the Youtube community.

    With the rise of youtube drama, it is sometimes hard to share with if actions are for comedy or genuine. Unfortunately, the possible lack of this distinction has caused problems in the past.

    How has Youtube tried to Fix this?

    YouTube has made attempts to eradicate this sort of drama. They have tried to crack down on probably the most toxic members and make their platform an improved place. A number of the things they’ve done to create a more positive atmosphere include:

    They’ve banned convicted offenders from having accounts.

    They are rendering it a priority to check on that people under 18 can’t use YouTube unless a grownup manages them.

    In summary, This is not just something that occurs on other social media marketing platforms. It’s been going on for quite a long time, and Youtube continues to really make the forum a better place.

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