• Case Steffensen posted an update 6 months ago

    The first thing you need to realize is that the web is overloaded with golf information and knowledge. Some of it is significantly better than others, which can be the confusing part. How can you know what’s what, or even if the tips you find have actually done the job for other golfers out there? That is why I recommend limiting your use of search engines for a little while. Sure, it is a good way to get thousands of pages of advice on the best way to get better, the way to hit longer drives and how to control your swing, but you really don’t know which ones are"tried and true" for people just starting to play golf.

    Remember the ball is sitting there waiting to be struck and all we do is swing the club. Also please remember what Tina Michelson among others has said:"You swing down to make the ball move up".

    Practice rather imagining how it feels to hit the ball squarely in the sweet spot. Imagine the ideal sound as the ball is impacted. In your mind’s eye, see how your body turned through the swing and finished perfectly, sending the ball into the intended target straight and accurate. This action correctly programs your brain to automatically make your own body find your ideal swing required to execute what you envisioned.

    By way of example, one of several myths that have been floating around golf courses is that in order to perfect the golf swing your body must be held like your head, shoulders and hips are all attached in the center by a steel pole. Whether accurate or not, you just cannot think about this and at the exact same time make link with the ball. Thinking about this at crunch time will almost ensure that you do NOT hit the ball well.

    Improving your strength and flexibility takes time, but as soon as you begin a workout routine you’ll see noticeable improvements in your golf game. The first thing you’ll notice is that you have more stamina on the program. After 18 holes, you’re not as tired. If you’re playing in tournaments, you stand a much better chance in a playoff because you are not as tired golf beginning as you was.

    So, where do we begin to learn this game? Well, the short game is a great place to start. That’s putting, chipping, and pitching from 100 yards and in. Within an 18 hole round of golf, over 60 percent of a golfer’s shots are short game shots from inside 100 yards.

    If you chose to buy a used pair, be careful to make certain that there are no flaws with the clubs. You can usually find a good used set at your local golf shop or on Craigslist. Have a friend with you who has more knowledge of the game. They need to be able to identify whether there are any difficulties.