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    However, what if blogwalking is done on jasa backlink authority or website with the same topic? Please try and prove the effect yourself.

    The last question, and maybe from earlier on your mind, is backlinks can be obtained for free? How to Get Backlinks

    Blogwalking activity has indeed begun to be abandoned because it is considered quite troublesome and less powerful to boost the position of the website in search results.

    This means that the backlinks you plant must come from sources whose discussions are aligned.

    How to get backlinks: As one of google’s products, YouTube can certainly be one of the powerful websites to find quality backlinks.

    There are several types of backlinks that you need to know and how to get them. But before that, we first discuss what backlinks are to refresh memories. What are backlinks in SEO?

    How to get backlinks: Create an account then add the URL of the target website on the about page or website link

    But planting backlinks in the wrong sources can backfire. This can completely damage the position of your site.

    One of them is the presence of Google Penguin algorithms that are plotted to lower the ranking of sites with the number of irrelevant spam backlinks.

    If this method works, then the impact will be felt especially for the long term. At a minimum you will get backlink benefits such as the following:increase organic rankings,speed up the indexing of web pages,get referral traffic from backlink sources,Increase brand or business exposure.increase the website authority score.

    Here are tips on how to find quality backlinks to meet the needs of your website. Create jasa backlink and Interesting Content

    That’s why putting up backlinks should not be arbitrary. Because in order to lift the position of the site in search, you need quality resources.

    As a result, the question of what backlinks are and how to get free backlinks often runs through the heads of most bloggers and web developers.

    No need for a complicated explanation. Simply put, backlinks are links from other people’s websites that point to your site.

    If you are a blogger, do not miss to join a community.

    The more quality the site that recommends it, then your site will be judged the better.

    To make the process of finding your backlinks easier, also use tools such as Ahrefs, MOZ, or Majestic that can display backlink data from competitor websites.

    For example you have a shoe store website, then it would be better if backlinks are put in shoe review articles.