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  • An Playable Ads network is made up of two primary parties – advertisers (you) and affiliates.You are required to simply create a campaign within your Playable mobile ads advertiser account. An example of a campaign could be – “You will offer affiliates $5 commission for every sale that they refer to your site.”

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  • Our Affiliates Earn what they SellMost affiliate networks take a substantial slice of commission (up to 30%) out of their advertiser’s Cost Per Action (CPA), before giving the remainder to the affiliate. This means that if you specify a CPA of $10, $3 will automatically go straight into the hands of the network, while your affiliate will end up…[Read more]

  • You must have access to the code on your confirmation of sales page and the ability to edit this code. (A number of third party shopping carts are not compatible with the Playable mobile ads pixel tracking requirements.)Your product must be, in Playable mobile ads’s sole opinion, commercially viable with our affiliate’s traffic base.

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  • Other Playable Adsprograms may charge you on CPM (Cost Per Mille or cost per thousand banner impressions) or CPC (Cost Per Click) rates, which means you pay per banner impression or per click, but you’re not guaranteed business or quality leads.

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  • APlayable Ads affiliate will log into their account in the affiliate section of Playable mobile ads and is able to see your campaign. This affiliate may then decide that they can sell a lot of your product, so they sign up to your campaign. After signing up, they have a banner of yours which they place on their website.

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