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    Your first music choice is vocals in the chapel, this music will probably be played in the church ahead of the bride arrives and it is usually gospel or very soft instrumental music.

    Source of music could be your bridesmaids entering the chapel here you are able to go along with a selection of soft or fanfare type music.

    The following music option is the Bride entering the chapel, now here I’ve seen a lot of strange choices nevertheless the best remains the wedding march played by mehndolson on trumpet.

    During your ceremony there could some hymns (not recommended) and then you might perform a Unity Candle ceremony here it is possible to also go with a nice wedding love song and it is possible to also select a separate song for exchanging of the rings.

    Now pick a song on your guests leaving the chapel and also the a song for that bridal couple to depart the chapel together, this song could be the wedding march again but you may choose any song you prefer, take into account you’re guests are outside waiting for you and this song might not be heard so well outside.

    Music for that cocktail hour will be your dj or perhaps a separate company being a string quartet or perhaps a saxophone player, this can be typical cocktail music and may be soothing and earn your guests relax and feel comfortable.

    contact us are a song to go in the reception Hall and this can be 1 of 2 possibilities, either a very meaningful love song that describes your love for each other or it’s rather a comedy song, again YOUR CHOICE!!

    The next event is often the first dance and this can be one with the most critical choices of the evening, choose wisely and select within you’re ability dancing ability, this ought to be that unique song that is intended to seal your love for eternity.

    Next option is the separate mother Son and father daughter dance or even a combination with the two here you can use songs like butterfly kisses and dance with my pops again etc.

    dj hire melbourne prices is also good to select songs for cutting of the cake and here I recommend any song with all the words sweet, sugar or honey in them like Sugar Sugar – Monkees or Sweetest Thing by U2.

    Following the cutting in the cake you might want to select vibey up-tempo music to the throwing in the bouquets and garter and here I would want to thank Beyonce for that Single Ladies song it really works brilliantly for that flower event, as to the men you should go with a song using the word sexy within it like Sexyback – Justin Timberlake or You sexy thing from Hot Chocolate.

    At this time you could ask the catchers from the garter and bouquet to possess a dance on something popular like dancing inside the dark – Bruce Springsteen.

    Now the true dancing may start, discuss your dance and party music together with your DJ try to keep your invited guests music preference planned there is nothing worse than a DJ stuck along with your music and you and your guests hate it.

    Now the last music choice for the evening could be the Last Dance songs that works perfectly listed below are stuff like I Had time of my entire life – Dirty Dancing, I never had a dream be realized – S club 7 or Love Story by Taylor swift.

    And there you have it Enjoy your wedding reception!!!