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    All Around Social Issue in the World – 2021 Guide
    This world is a mix of chaos and cherishing moments. We cannot take all humans on one ground. That’s the irony of being alive in this world. Everyone is different, and each of us has different levels of opportunities, strengths, challenges, circumstances, etc. So, with no doubt existence of some social issues is a universal fact. We cannot get escape from this. But, we can talk about those sensitive topics, find solutions, and give importance to play our part. 
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    Common social issues around the globe:
    For your convenience, we are dividing it into sub-parts;
    Economic issues:
    Although in this advanced era, countries have known their strength and weaknesses but still there some confused economies. They take decisions of high risk. Are they unsure where to allocate resources? How to utilize resources? What should be produced, and for whom should it be produced?