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    Common points in great Essay
    Great essays are written for more than earning a great score. They are written to add value and depth to the chosen essay topic. They present a new angle and information about the topic and offers new information and perspective to the readers. However, writing a great essay is hard. If you are someone who finds essay writing service to be a challenging task, then there is a solution for you. If you follow a proper essay outline it help you write your essay much easier, while ensuring a logical flow.
    This is the reason that students are often looking for online writing help and answer to their ‘essay writing service requests. They know that writing an impressive essay is hard and do not know what to add in their essay to make it strong. Below, we have discussed some of the elements that great essays have in common.
    They are Thought Provoking
    Great essays are thought provoking and offer food for thought for the readers. Instead of just describing and presenting the flat facts, they go a step further and present a deep analysis of the topic. They arouse the readers’ emotions and stir their thinking process either by proposing a question or by presenting answers for some significant questions.
    They are Focused
    Great essays do not run here and there and we mean it in literal sense. Often, essays add too many ideas and nothing is explained with proper detail and depth. Instead, impressive and worth reading essays focus on a single idea or two to three concepts of ideas and explain them with relevant claims, arguments and evidence.
    They offer Variety
    And by variety we mean that they offer more than what the reader already knows. Like in an English Literature essay, if writing about the elements of fear and pity in the play Oedipus Rex then adding relevant examples from other plays and novels adds variety to the essay and showcase the level of research. 
    They are Technically Sound
    And there is no way you could escape this. Great essays are never clumsy and full of different kinds of errors. They are crisp and free from all sorts of typographical, structural, grammatical and conceptual errors. Moreover, they are also free from copied and plagiarized content.
    They include Credible Sources
    No essay is complete without credible and good quality sources. Good sources include references from online journals and books that are recognized and credible and, of course, no Wikipedia. This shows the hard work the writer has put into the work and adds credibility. Great essays are products of sheer hard work and research and now that you know what makes a great essay, you can work on writing one as an essay writer.