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    강남안마 is amazing how a great leg massage can do to the whole body. You will get yourself relieve from stress, back pain and a better blood and lymph flow. Below are a few simple steps to help you to give those tired hip and legs a massage using the most common sequence of hand movements.

    Front leg massage can be given my getting the person lie down on his / her back with one leg uncovered from the hip down. Warm your hands up and take some essential oil as you start off at the shin making use of your index finger and thumb to massage therapy lightly with hardly any pressure. Use the effleurage technique as you work your way along the leg, increasing pressure slightly over bigger muscles. Repeat three times as you warm the muscle groups and distribute the oil.

    The kneading movement of petrissage begins as the thigh. You don’t have to massage the kneecap place as it is a sensitive area. Work on the interior thigh and continue outrageous of the outer thigh. End the front leg massage with three times repeated effleurage to cool down and relax the muscles.

    Back leg massage starts the same way, only that you will be likely to start at the ankle place with the same technique. Be delicate as this area is delicate. Start the calf massage using effleurage and work your way up to underneath of the hips. Pressure is increased as you get to the bigger muscle mass of the thigh and hips area. Work your way up and down the leg using the same method.

    Use the petrissage method starting at the calf lean muscle up along the thigh, avoiding the spot behind the knee. As you transfer from sensitive area to a bigger muscle area, use effleurage to maintain with the fluidity of the activity. Work your way down the trunk leg using petrissage. Carry out the effleurage three times to relax and cool off the muscles.

    Do the same for the other leg as you handle the leg which has just been massaged. By using these simple steps to guide you to an excellent massage, your friend or consumer will no doubt come back for more.