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    If you manage your wooden floors they’ll look great for years. There are
    SPC Flooring Manufacturer need to know in order to keep the floors sparkling and fresh. Installing wooden floors adds ambience to any room without the need for carpeting. They are better to clean than carpets and look warmer than tiles, although tiles require less maintenance. Wooden floors look great however they don’t come cheaply, which means you must ensure that you keep up them properly and prevent any wear and tear in its tracks.

    Consulting your wooden floor manufacturer is the first rung on the ladder to understanding what care is necessary for your floors. They should supply you with a manual otherwise you can consult with a directory service to locate them. The floor manufacturers know just what wood and finish were used for the floor, that is important because different finishes require different care.

    The second step seems not difficult – keep them clean. The main one disadvantage of wooden floors is they can easily become dull and the longer dust settles on them, the harder it is to eliminate. The floors ought to be swept with a soft bristle brush or vacuumed on the hard floor setting daily, if possible. Use a damp mop after you’ve swept but don’t swamp the ground and do not use chemicals in the water. A sensible way to stop dust from getting into the floors would be to place rugs at all entrances as these will capture the dust, but again, they need to be vacuumed frequently. Assuming you have wooden floors in your kitchen, you should place mats in front of the sink and stove to safeguard these areas from water and heat. If you are using heaters or air-conditioners, consider investing in a humidifier as dry air causes cracks in the wood.

    Modern wooden floors have a urethane finish and these should never be waxed. Older floors may need to be waxed every once in awhile, so it’s essential that you find out from you manufacturer if the floors are made with urethane or not. If they do have a wax finish, you can restore the shine with a buffer. For no reason use any cleaning or polishing products that are not specifically designed for wooden floors as these is only going to serve to damage them and you will have to sand the floors and refinish them.

    Lastly, avoid furniture scratching the floors. Make an effort to use furniture that has padded feet, and if you move furniture around, place the things on carpets first instead of scraping them over the floor. Another important point about furniture is that we often forget to clean underneath it. If a couch is left in exactly the same place for years and you neglect the floor beneath it, once you move the couch you’ll be left with a dull, grey patch of floor where your couch once stood.

    Wooden floors can last you decades and always look classy invest the proper care of them. Although they are easily taken for granted, taking care of them will pay off in the long run. People jump at to be able to buy property with beautiful wooden floors if they are used to cold tiles and wall-to wall-carpets that stain easily.