Haagensen Small

  • An electric bike can normally attain about 20 miles per hour, though some can go as a lot as 28 miles per hour. Gently wash your bike after each journey, using brushes and water, but avoiding getting water or dirt into the engine. You can, however, use a robust stream of water, even an influence jet. Freestyle motocross is like motocross racing in…[Read more]

  • Motor The MXR1300 Dirt Bike is powered by one of the best motors obtainable in this range. With an enormous, grunty 1300w motor, this bike really pulls and is the right next step up from our smaller electric MXR range. Not content with 36V, we have made this range-topper 48V for a 25% longer journey time over the 36V. Rear Shock The MXR1300’s rear…[Read more]